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NS_IMPLEMENT_REFLECTION not throwing error on mistype

01 Sep 2023, 09:37


When misstyping the class name in NS_IMPLEMENT_REFLECTION, I expect to get an assert, an error, or anything that guides me through the problem. However, I don't seem to get any error, instead it will simply not work.
Is there any way to make this work, or to make it less of hassle to debug?

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Re: NS_IMPLEMENT_REFLECTION not throwing error on mistype

05 Sep 2023, 10:15

When you say misstype you mean using another type that exists and is defined in the cpp unit, right?
Because if I use a non existent type it doesn't compile:
1>Button.cpp(75,1): error C2653: 'SomeButton': is not a class or namespace name
1>Button.cpp(75,1): error C2065: 'SomeButton': undeclared identifier
1>Button.cpp(75,1): error C2923: 'Noesis::TypeTag': 'SomeButton' is not a valid template type argument for parameter 'T'
Could you please provide an example of what is happening to you? You can create a private ticket in our bugtracker if it is better.

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