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Content Scaler for Unity

18 Nov 2023, 16:34

Hello there!

I have implemented content scaler (like uGUI Canvas) for unity with support of reference width and height and some types of width/height matching (without any MonoBehaviour watchers). May be it will be usefull to someone ^^

Link ... 98c74f2979.
How to use:
1. Add content scaler style to Application resources.
2. Add content scaler into xaml code.
<UserControl x:Class="Testing.TestScreen"
    <scaling:ContentScaler ReferenceWidth="1920" ReferenceHeight="1080" ContentMatchMode="MatchWidthOrHeight" MatchWidthOrHeight="0">
                <RowDefinition Height="*"/>
                <RowDefinition Height="64"/>

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Re: Content Scaler for Unity

21 Nov 2023, 20:43

Thanks for sharing! It will be useful to others for sure.

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