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Pros and Cons of NoesisGUI

08 Feb 2024, 07:19

Hi Noesis Team,

I would like to ask you what is the pros and cons of NoesisGUI instead of using UnityUI?
To make a fast prototype I think it is not good at it.
Especially making animation looks more complicated than any other tool.
Better to make animation in RiveApp and just implement it on Blend side.
I don't know. Can you change my mind? I really want to use it for my next projects too.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Pros and Cons of NoesisGUI

08 Feb 2024, 13:41

A few important advantages:
  • True vector support where everything feels more “crisp”
  • Dramatically improved performance, with a tiny memory footprint
  • Engine agnostic, if in the future you decide to change your technology (Unreal, Unity, Custom) your UI stack remains
  • Scalability in workflow and performance when working with "complex" UIs
  • XAML are text files: multiple designers on the same file, easy to merge
  • Tools made for UI. Design, develop, and test UI outside of the game editor (Blend, Noesis Studio)
  • Built for responsive UI, across all resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Iteration time in WPF is ultra fast, with great docs and 15 years of help online

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