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How AAA game companies use NoesisGUI and how much?

08 Feb 2024, 10:22

Hi Noesis Team,
You said
The core of NoesisGUI is a resolution-independent and vector-based rendering engine that is built to take advantage of modern graphics hardware.
But I see Baldurs Gate 3 and other games have raster image files. So what is the point of this?
My UI element 80-90% is raster graphics.
image (4).png
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Re: How AAA game companies use NoesisGUI and how much?

08 Feb 2024, 13:59


Noesis provides best in class vector rendering, and we also have first-class support for raster graphics. The primary reason we emphasise vector graphics is that they provide significant advantages in terms of their inherent performance, particularly their tiny memory usage, and their clarity across resolutions and DPI.

Many of our clients blend vector and raster graphics together to achieve their desired visual style. It would be totally valid to create a UI entirely using rasters, you would still benefit from Noesis' great features and performance.

In the example screenshot you provided, from Baldurs Gate 3, most of the UI you are seeing is in fact entirely vector graphics. Larian are experts at creating detail in vectors using gradient based shading, and some shader effects like drop shadows. Where they do use raster graphics, it is to add texture to the UI, for example in the fill of a vector. They may then overlay other vectors on this background, with a mixture of opacities, to match the clarity of other vector elements in the UI.

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