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Unity 4.2 clipping problem

30 Jul 2013, 15:24

I have seen problems with items contained in a listbox not being clipped properly while using Unity 4.2. They are still being displayed even though they are outside of what should be the visible area. Is there an ETA on a fix for this?


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Re: Unity 4.2 clipping problem

30 Jul 2013, 19:47

We are working with 4.1.4f1 Unity version yet and didn't noticed this problem :oops:

We were able to reproduce it after installing 4.2 in one of our machines, so it would be easier to track down the bug and solve it. We would try to get it fixed for our next update at the end of this week.
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Re: Unity 4.2 clipping problem

03 Aug 2013, 15:32

Fixed in v1.0.1

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