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Re: Monogame Noesis GUI 2.0 integration

07 Apr 2017, 17:45

Regarding your pain with HTML5 - that's really horrible to hear and even worse than I thought. With small development team it might be really hard to accomplish deadlines in such conditions. Relying on a huge very popular (and mature) technology stack doesn't guarantee you're safe and will stay sane and productive during the development. On such scale it doesn't matter if the technology stack is open-source or not... the quality of the stack is what matters. That's why we're trying to avoid as much middleware as possible. But we still need to built on the strong foundation - it's simply not possible to afford developing custom full-fledged UI library or low-level RUDP networking. In our case we have selected the tools and libraries of such scope that we could manage them completely and debug easily.
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Re: Monogame Noesis GUI 2.0 integration

07 Apr 2017, 19:18

Very wise words.

HTML5 works really well if you just use the features that a typical web page uses. Otherwise you're on thin ice, although maybe these days stuff is more stable (two years ago I remember going through Blink source after null ref exceptions, and read stuff like 'todo: handle device lost', but that is all fixed now)

It must be said that bugs do get fixed quickly in the browser world, in case of V8 the Google engineers communicate very open, so it's not all bad. Regarding the bug I reported, this was actually a human error, they just forgot to merge the patch into the stable branch. But scary nevertheless!

The problem I face with XAML - at least for desktop app development - is that it is hard to find designers or developers for it, since people seem to believe the web is the future, and they want to invest in technology that will not be legacy in the future. I know developers that rewrote all their inhouse WPF apps with Angular, to focus on a single technology for all client side stuff. The funny thing is, the web evolves so quickly that everything is legacy after a year! ;-)

For the gaming world, that might be different.

Luckily with .NET Core and the open sourcing of .NET this great platform gains momentum again.

PS: I only forked your wrapper to get started hacking, so I will switch to your wrapper again, and integrate the hot XAML reloading. The NoesisGUI guys are also working on that, so my cod will be obsolete soon too.
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