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Re: New to noesis

17 May 2017, 03:55

do you support everything of wpf xaml into noesis xaml?

I understand you are just a middle layer working over 3d engines but i wonder how different both framework are at their core.

If you can work in blend it means you pretty much support all of wpf xaml i'm i right?
Yes, we support a great subset of WPF. You can have an idea about it going to our Class Hierarchy documentation
also do you offer something similar to snaptopixels & layout rounding of wpf (if needed) and is it applied automatically where needed or we need to set it ourselves like in wpf?
UseLayoutRounding is supported. SnapsToDevicePixels was supported in previous versions of Noesis but we deprecated it because it was not very efficient. Of course, this is done automatically for glyphs, but probably we should expose that mechanism someway because it is better than UseLayoutRounding that only affects the layout.

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