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Unity + NoesisGUI issue: Pannable, Zoomable UserControl + Opacity Mask Issue

12 Aug 2018, 03:19

Hello all,

For our project, we have recently ported and implement most of our GUI solutions to NoesisGUI and had a relatively smooth transition. But we came across an issue when attempting to implement a Pannable, Zoomable UserControl.

What We Did:

First off, we implemented the control successfully, it was based off of this implementation: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6782715

The results seemed to work as seen here in our skill web (ignore the image artifacting, we have yet to set the settings on that properly):

The Problem:

A major problem occurs when we added an opacity mask to the individual buttons on the skill web. We added a simple hexagonal mask, which lead to the mask only working at a specific Y coordinate.

The results can be seen here:

It seems that the X translation is successful, and the scaling seems to work, but for whatever reason only that specific Y position of the opacity mask seems to not be translating. The mask is of type “ImageBrush”, is there a certain restriction to how its transform can be adjusted?

Farhan Rahman
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Re: Unity + NoesisGUI issue: Pannable, Zoomable UserControl + Opacity Mask Issue

22 Aug 2018, 00:46

Can you please report this in our bugtracker, it is clearly a bug.
It would be great if you can attach the example project to reproduce it.


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