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Re: Unable to Package Shooter Game example for web

22 Apr 2019, 16:26

Our implementation of Noesis WebGL (the shared code between all platforms and all integrations) does not support multi-threading yet. So even if you get it working, it is unsafe and prone to crash sooner or later. So for now, only single-thread is supported.
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Re: Unable to Package Shooter Game example for web

12 May 2019, 19:41

Hey so I'm with @professionaljones, we successfully got the Shooter Game packaged and running on the web. We're working on trying to set up online matchmaking over WAN, which involves WebSockets integration. From the research we've done, it seems you can't run a dedicated server through the browser, but you can connect to one. Curious as to any insight you might have on how to set this up? Our backend is hosted on AWS.

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