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NoesisGUI v0.9.3

02 Apr 2012, 23:30

This version is a preview only for Win32 + DirectX9. We are working on the rest of platforms. ... .3.3456.7z

The sample corresponding to the integration tutorial can be downloaded from:

  • Added ImageSource.Width and ImageSource.Height properties.
  • ImageSource now uses image resolution to calculate its size (width and height) in device independent units.
  • All TileBrush tiling modes (None, Tile, FlipX, FlipY, FlipXY) correctly implemented.
  • New tutorial for images added. Related examples added: ImageAtlas, ImageBrushStretch, ImageBrushTile and ImageBrushViewBox.
  • Automatic atlases no longer generated. Now atlases must be created manually.
  • Image.Source and ImageBrush.ImageSource properties are now of ImageSource type. Added ImageSourceConverter to convert image paths into a valid ImageSource (TextureSource if a texture compiler is available, or BitmapSource otherwise).
  • XamlPlayer now shows and can launch animations found in the Resources property of the loaded XAML root.
  • New option in XamlPlayer to view loaded XAML in wireframe mode.
  • Support for Style.BasedOn property implemented.
  • Fixed: GridView.ColumnHeaderContainerStyle property was registered with a wrong name.
  • Fixed: ClipToBounds was not correctly implemented.

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