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UserControl binding to ContentControl's Content

09 May 2021, 10:41

Hey, I wanna bind my UserControl *uc to ContentControl's Content so I have declared my UserControl in class
Ptr<UserControl> uc;
Then I create in method new UserControl
void TestMenuContent::OnTab2Focused(BaseComponent * param)
	uc = MakePtr<Tab2Content>();
Here is my NsProp
NsProp("ContentTest", &TestMenuContent::uc);
And here is my ContentControl
<Grid Background="Black" Height="450" VerticalAlignment="Top" Opacity="1">
        <ContentControl Content="{Binding ContentTest}"/>
And it only works if I Create UserControl in constructor it works..
In method OnTab2Focused nothing happens. Yes that method fires.

Am I missing something?

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Re: UserControl binding to ContentControl's Content

09 May 2021, 17:14

I'm not sure what you are trying to do here but I can already tell you that it's now how you do things. You don't use controls behind the scenes. They need to be an actual part of the tree.

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