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Visual Studio Code Extension

Posted: 03 Oct 2022, 19:11
by maherne
NoesisGUI XAML Tools for Visual Studio Code

This extension provides a rich editing experience for NoesisGUI and the XAML markup language, using the NoesisGUI language server. The latest release of NoesisGUI XAML Tools can be installed from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


This extension is currently in a beta release state.

XAML Features

Completion support for nodes and properties
Issue highlighting in the markup. All warnings and errors provided by the NoesisGUI parser are handled.

Syntax and semantic error reporting
NoesisGUI XAML Tools shows you syntax and semantic errors as you type.

Live previews
Open the XAML Preview panel and see a rendered preview of the active XAML document. This render is generated by NoesisGUI each time you make a change to the active document.

Color decorators and pickers
Color decorators allow you to see the current color of all Brush attribute properties in your document. Clicking a decorator will allow you to select a new value using the color picker.

System Requirements
  • VSCode 1.63.0
  • Windows*
*The extension is packaged with a NoesisGUI language server binary. Currently only Windows is supported, Mac support will be added in a coming release.