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OpenGL AMD extension not supported

20 Sep 2023, 14:22


I'm facing the same problem as this https://www.noesisengine.com/bugs/view.php?id=2659 and I see that it's been fixed for the next version. Is there anything I can do before the next version is released? I tried to find and download 3.2.0 but found nothing.

I removed the "#extension GL_AMD_vertex_shader_layer : require" line and recompiled the shaders using the .bat but I still got the same error:
[NOESIS/E] Shader compilation failed: ERROR: 0:4: '#extension' : extension not supported: GL_AMD_vertex_shader_layer
ERROR: 0:4: '#extension' : extra tokens -- expected newline
ERROR: 0:4: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 3 compilation errors.  No code generated.
so I'm a bit stuck now.

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Re: OpenGL AMD extension not supported

20 Sep 2023, 14:25

Yes, for now, remove this part of GLRenderDevice.cpp.

This has been properly fixed in 3.2.2
    if (IsSupported(Extension::AMD_vertex_shader_layer))
    if (IsSupported(Extension::OVR_multiview))
        EnsureProgram(Shader::RGBA, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Mask, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Clear, true);

        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_Solid, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_Linear, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_Radial, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_Pattern, true);

        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_AA_Solid, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_AA_Linear, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_AA_Radial, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Path_AA_Pattern, true);

        EnsureProgram(Shader::SDF_Solid, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::SDF_Linear, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::SDF_Radial, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::SDF_Pattern, true);

        EnsureProgram(Shader::Opacity_Solid, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Opacity_Linear, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Opacity_Radial, true);
        EnsureProgram(Shader::Opacity_Pattern, true);

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