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NoesisGUI v0.9.8

16 Mar 2013, 09:23

Remember that this version is still a beta. Your feedback is very important to us. If you are updating from a previous version, you must rebuild all the resources (buildtool.exe rebuild) for each desired platform.

  • Win32: DirectX9 / OpenGL
  • Android
  • Ogre3D: DirectX9
  • Unity: Windows DirectX, Windows OpenGL, Android
  • OpenSceneGraph: OpenGL

  • Many improvements in the integration layer between NoesisUI C++ API and Mono. Now, Noesis classes can be extended to create new controls. All samples upgraded with the new improvements.
  • Unity pipeline simplified. Now changes to assets are automatically detected. You can be editing a XAML, save the changes and the results are automatically shown on Unity.
  • New Unity sample: Primitives.
  • Unity3d Tutorial updated.
  • Android platform. This is the first release to include runtime support for Android. Both standalone and Unity environment are supported. Although this is still a preliminary work and many optimizations are pending, all the samples are working properly.
  • Improvements to the Integration Tutorial. Android integration described.
  • Functions in GUI receiving a BaseComponent* that accept a boxed value, are now overloaded with a string parameter to make it easier to use in this case (90% of the time). The functions affected are:
    • IList: Set, Add, Insert
    • ContentControl: SetContent
    • ContentPresenter: SetContent
    • FrameworkElement: SetTag
  • Added more documentation to Class Hierarchy list. All main classes are now documented.
  • OpenGL renderer optimized.
  • New tutorial: OpenSceneGraph integration.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Unity crash when the device is lost.
  • Fixed: Items in ItemsControl not updated when using ItemSource external collection.
  • Fixed: xaml being modified with Unity editor in play mode

Documentation, tutorials and tools needed by the rest of packages are contained in the SDK. Always download this package.
NOTE: Since 1.0.0 official release, all beta downloads are disabled.

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