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Adding XAML to GameObject in Unity

19 Nov 2014, 13:36

According to the introductory tutorial (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=75), the component "Noesis GUIPanel" is created in the Camera. Is it possible to add a XAML to a GameObject instead?

My goal is to have several XAML files added to different GameObjects in order to perform some kind of interaction among them.
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Re: Adding XAML to GameObject in Unity

19 Nov 2014, 14:11

As explained in the Using NoesisGUI within Unity tutorial there are two ways to use a Noesis GUIPanel component:
  • Attached to a camera to display HUDs
  • Attached to a game object for render to texture
If you attach the XAML to a gameobject that is not a camera, the XAML is rendered to a texture that can be used by the object. There is sample (RenderToTexture) inside the unitypackage showing that.

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