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[Unity] Linear Color Space

Posted: 02 Dec 2015, 15:10
by Faerdan
In my project I am using Linear Color Space, this is required by our PBR textures and effects.

Noesis looks washed out when in Linear Space, is this a known issue?

I did a search on the forum and found this Gamma vs Linear lighting post, but there was no resolution there.

I tested this by creating a new project and importing Noesis 1.2.5f8. Switching the project Color Space to Linear causes to UI to be washed out, just like in my own project. Screenshots below.

Gamma Color Space
Linear Color Space


Re: [Unity] Linear Color Space

Posted: 02 Dec 2015, 23:23
by jsantos
Yes, it is a known and reported issue in d3d11 (working fine in GL and d3d9). It is in the Trello board under the Low-Priority tasks because for the team that reported it, the issue was not critical.

How critical is this for you? I think we could move the task for the next version if you need it.

Re: [Unity] Linear Color Space

Posted: 03 Dec 2015, 00:21
by Faerdan
It won't become critical for us until late January, that is when we are due to do a pre-alpha release to our community for testing. We will also be recording our next trailer at that stage.

We may be able to hold out for longer by forcing DX9. My priority in relation to Noesis is those performance improvements.

Thank you.

Re: [Unity] Linear Color Space

Posted: 03 Dec 2015, 12:52
by jsantos
Ok, I have added it to 1.2.7.

Regarding the performance issues, we are working on them these days. Please, remember to upload to the tracker your scenario so that we can test it.


Re: [Unity] Linear Color Space

Posted: 03 Dec 2015, 12:59
by Faerdan
Thanks man, I am going to work on a sample project for the performance issues, and flickering, today.