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Latest Version: NoesisGUI v3.1.5

16 Jul 2013, 22:59

Downloads and Release notes

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    NoesisGUI v1.0.1

    03 Aug 2013, 15:30

    • Unity: NoesisGUI menu moved from Component to Window top menu entry because Unity3D is buggy and our menu was disappearing sometimes.
    • Text tutorial improved.
    • README file and root index.html added to .unitypackage.
    • Minor changes to Unity tutorial.
    • SamplesGallery builds needed resources automatically. Now it doesn't crash the first time it is executed.
    • Fixed: XamlPlayer crashing when maximized
    • Fixed: Unity was unable to build .xaml resources when the active platform was not PC & MAC.
    • Fixed: Improved Unity stability. Crashes when clicking Play or Stop resolved.
    • Fixed: inheriting from extended classes in Unity was not working.
    • Fixed: Added namespace to Unity class name so xamls designed in Blend using namespaces work correctly.
    • Fixed: Binding FallbackValue was not serialized correctly when it contains a boxed value.
    • Fixed: ControlGallery TextBlock sample was missing.
    • Fixed: Clipping problems in Unity 4.2.
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    NoesisGUI v1.0.2

    17 Aug 2013, 00:01

    • Fixed: [Unity] Deferred lighting issues
    • Fixed: [Unity] Render artifacts with DirectX. NoesisGUI was corrupting the scene of Unity
    • Fixed: [Unity] OpenGL stencil buffer glitches
    • Fixed: [Unity] Render performance was very poor on some GPU cards
    • Fixed: [Unity] Unity scripts updated, robustness against errors improved
    • Fixed: [Unity] LoadScene is now possible in Unity
    • Fixed: [Unity] Problem with properties in c#. They were not properly serialized. Read-only properties crashing.
    • Fixed: [Unity] Input event args are now correctly exported to Unity
    • Fixed: [Unity] Shift key was ignored due to a bug in Unity Event.current notification
    • Fixed: [Unity] Navigation tab working now for Unity
    • Shader used for masks optimized in GL ES
    • Improved batching of draw image
    • Fixed: Compatibility problem in Windows8, noesis library was not unloaded correctly
    • Gui/3rdParty package copied to https://github.com/Noesis/noesisgui-contrib
    • Fixed broken links to Tutorials. Now, each tutorial is a zip included inside the documentation
    • Improvements to index documentation. Now tutorials for native and unity are separated
    • Improvements to Styling Tutorial. Sample using Themes added
    • Improvements to Text Tutorial informing about .font resources
    • TextBox events (KeyDown, KeyUp, TextInput, etc) were not calling user handlers
    • Grid issues:
      • Static functions for setting grid attached properties were using the incorrect type
      • Modifications of grid attached properties were not notifying to the parent grid. The same happened for DockPanel Dock attached property
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    NoesisGUI v1.0.3

    31 Aug 2013, 19:24

    • New Tutorial: First Steps with Blend in Unity
    • Added StreamGeometry converter to allow things like this: <StreamGeometry>M0,0 L100,0</StreamGeometry>
    • Implemented callbacks for showing software keyboard on touch devices
    • Improved text rendering with transforms. Now text inside a Viewbox displays without blurriness
    • [Unity] Improved error messages when building resources
    • [Unity] An error is shown when executing on a platform whose resource cache was not built
    • [Unity] Many small fixes that improve Unity stability
    • Fixed: Offscreen atlas algorithm giving negatives values and crashing sometimes
    • Fixed: Masking problems that were causing scrollviewers clipping issues
    • Fixed: sdcard accessing problems solved in android
    • Fixed: [Unity] Problems with properties in C# on classes extending NoesisGUI
    • Fixed: [Unity] TextBox.AcceptsReturn not working
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    NoesisGUI v1.0.4

    22 Sep 2013, 00:45

    • New platform: Linux, native runtime and Unity standalone player
    • New 64 bits platforms for OS X and Windows
    • Size of runtimes considerably reduced
    • Default style modified to reflect local properties set in controls. For example <Button Background="Red"/> now renders a button with a red background, instead of using the default color for the style
    • New sample in ControlGallery showing buttons with different styles
    • Implemented Mouse.GetPosition() relative to an element
    • [Unity] VisualTreeHelper.HitTest exposed to Unity
    • [Unity] HitTesting for render texture using RaycastHit.textureCoord. GameObject needs a valid MeshCollider. Unity tutorial updated
    • Fixed: Fixed ListBox crashing when changing items that use ItemTemplate
    • Fixed: When changing style of the inner ScrollViewer of a TextBox internal TextBoxView was not correctly set and measured
    • Fixed: TextBox clipping was lost when the style of the internal ScrollViewer changed
    • Fixed: TextBox was not updating the insertion point and selection indexes when Text property was set through code
    • Fixed: [Unity] UV coordinates were vertically flipped with respect to Unity convention
    • Fixed: [Unity] Null string objects in unity are now treated as string.Empty
    • Fixed: [Unity] Improved stability when errors happening in native
    • Fixed: [Unity] Fixed a rare crash when resizing Unity standalone
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    NoesisGUI v1.1.0

    11 Oct 2013, 21:20

    • [Unity] Improved C# API. Please read tutorials because old code needs to be updated.
      • No more need of a swigCPtr member, custom constructors, Dispose or static Register function on extended classes.
      • Dependency properties are now registered in the static class constructor.
      • Classes are now extended by specifying the [Noesis.Extended] class attribute.
      • UserControl associated xaml is now specified by the [Noesis.UserControlSource(string)] class attribute.
      • Notifications of property changes are now done using NotifyPropertyChanged(string).
      • SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity attribute added to PInvoke functions.
      • Improvements to the following documentation:
        • Unity3D Tutorial.
        • Extending NoesisGUI Tutorial.
        • Commands Tutorial.
        • UserControl Tutorial. Includes new ColorPicker sample.
    • [Unity] Added support for changing Image.Source at runtime by creating a TextureSource from a UnityEngine.Texture2D.
    • Two new sections added to Images Tutorial: 9-Slice Scaling and Generating Images at Runtime.
    • Added FrameworkElement.GetTemplateChild() and FrameworkTemplate.FindName() was modified to accept a templated parent element like in WPF.
    • [Unity] Added Enable Keyboard/Mouse toggle to NoesisGUIPanel component in Unity.
    • [Unity] Missing functions and types exposed to Unity API:
      • ListBox.SelectedItems.
      • ListView and ListViewItem.
      • Nullable types for Color, Point, Rect, Size and Thickness.
    • Improved Binding.StringFormat implementation. Updated Binding tutorial.
    • Markup parser in XamlImporter improved.
    • Fixed: Storyboard is constructed now with the children collection always created.
    • Fixed: Crash when using a StoryBoard that can't resolve target names.
    • Fixed: Bug when an exception was thrown while creating a Renderer.
    • Fixed: Commas are now optional specifying a MatrixTransform.Transform in xaml.
    • Fixed: Text blurriness in positions above 1024px.
    • Fixed: Slider.IsMoveToPointEnabled was not working properly for vertical sliders.
    • Fixed: [Unity] Problems with Alt+Tab when in fullscreen.
    • Fixed: [Unity] Error messages with internal path "Unity/Unity/" cleaned.
    • Fixed: [Unity] Fixed rendering glitches in standalone.
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    NoesisGUI v1.1.1

    26 Oct 2013, 16:19

    • Implemented the following multi touch events (working in Unity, iOS, Android and Windows8). Documentation and samples will be added in the next version.
      • TouchDown
      • TouchMove
      • TouchUp
      • TouchEnter
      • TouchLeave
      • GotTouchCapture
      • LostTouchCapture
      • ManipulationStarting
      • ManipulationStarted
      • ManipulationDelta
      • ManipulationCompleted
    • Added IRenderer::TouchDown, IRenderer::TouchMove, IRenderer::TouchUp to inject touch events.
    • Improvements in error reporting for 64 bits platforms.
    • Fixed: An element that needed to be clipped because of max size constraints was not always being clipped.
    • Fixed: ComboBox item selection crash when holding mouse button.
    • Fixed: crash when using an empty ListView in xaml.
    • Fixed: strange random crash in UIElement.
    • New converters for MatrixTransform and Transform (eg: <Rectangle RenderTransform="1 0 0 1 50 50"/>).
    • Fixed: Unity crashing when building xamls using incorrect DependencyProperties. Now an error is displayed.
    • Support for DependencyProperties of type Color, Point, Rect, Size and Thickness.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Dependency properties in Unity extended classes were being serialized twice.
    • [Unity] Added support for UnityEngine.RenderTexture to create a TextureSource within Unity. Now, Unity scene renders can be integrated inside NoesisGUI panels.
    • [Unity] Fixed: RoutedEventArgs.source was missing.
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    NoesisGUI v1.1.2

    21 Nov 2013, 04:33

    • ScrollViewer: implemented PanningMode, PanningDeceleration and PanningRatio.
    • Implemented inertia in touch manipulations.
    • Implemented PasswordBox control.
    • New tutorial: Touch and Manipulation
    • SamplesGallery demo added to OSX SDK.
    • Added constructors for PropertyPath and Binding accepting a DependencyProperty as path.
    • Improved Image tutorial with a note about premultiplied alpha.
    • Improved Unity tutorial with information about stencil buffer.
    • [Unity] Support for Unity standalone in batchmode.
    • [Unity] RenderTexture reimplemented. Now the implementation is a lot simpler. OSX crashes fixed.
    • [Unity] Mouse events are ignored in mobile platforms. We only consider Touches.
    • [Unity] All scene samples moved to the same folder. Added a default 3D scene.
    • [Unity] Optimized the size of commands sent to the GPU.
    • [Unity] Fixed: offscreen images in render to texture and deferred rendering.
    • [Unity] Fixed: hit testing when 2+ render to texture being used.
    • [Unity] Added an icon for NoesisGUI component.
    • [Unity] Errors and warnings displayed in the component.
    • [Unity] Added menus for Release Notes and Bug Reporting.
    • [Unity] New Touch sample.
    • [Unity] Added support for creating PropertyMetadata using an extended Unity Type as default value.
    • [Unity] Added support for dependency properties of enum type.
    • [Unity] Improved error checking when working with user controls and dependency properties.
    • Fixed: Recursion problems during layout process that occurred sometimes with ScrollViewers.
    • Fixed: Enabled MipMapping in GUI images.
    • Fixed: Images changing size when being updated.
    • Fixed: Loading errors in SamplesGallery demo.
    • Fixed: memory problem with Dependency Objects in OSX 64bits.
    • Fixed: Right aligned text manages now correctly trailing spaces on ending lines.
    • Fixed: Added error messages when non valid items are inserted into a collection.
    • Fixed: Proxies not raising Destroyed event and bindings crashed on shutdown.
    • Fixed: TextBox losing focus when virtual keyboard was shown.
    • Fixed: Dependency Object validate callback was being called with an invalid pointer to the value.
    • Fixed: Memory overflow when handling errors (this is the main reason v1.1.1 was so unstable).
    • Fixed: Parser now ignores Setter/Trigger/Condition values when property is not found.
    • [Unity] Fixed: managed exceptions crashing Unity in OS X.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Unity scene disappearing in iOS and Android.
    • [Unity] Fixed: headers for missing functions in proxies.
    • [Unity] Fixed: PPA gets disabled on resize.
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    NoesisGUI v1.1.3

    21 Dec 2013, 16:42

    • PPAA algorithm (antialiasing emulation without using GPU full-scene antialiasing) reimplemented from scratch. Now it is faster and without glitches.
    • Improved tessellation algorithm. Better generation of triangles.
    • Improvements to XAML parser: crashes fixed, error messages improved.
    • Improved CompilerSettings.h to avoid polluting clients code.
    • Improved threading performance of XamlPlayer.
    • New statistics panel added to XamlPlayer (F2, SHIFT + F2)
    • New debug modes in XamlPlayer: wireframe (CTRL + W), overdraw (CRTL + O) and color batch (CTRL + B).
    • Size optimization in our binaries. The size of noesis.dll has been reduced.
    • Added support for FontFamily syntax "FontPath/FontFile.ext#FontFamily". This syntax is used by Blend when you add a font file (a .ttf for example) to the project and select it.
    • Exposed TextBox.CaretIndex property.
    • Improvements to documentation: new core documents (memory, reference counting, boxing, delegates) added to index.
    • New tutorial: Optimizing NoesisGUI Performance.
    • [Unity] Added support for modifying scripts while in Play mode.
    • [Unity] Added support for creating a TextureSource from any type of UnityEngine.Texture objects (video, render texture, texture).
    • [Unity] BindingOperations exposed to Unity.
    • [Unity] Debugging flags exposed in NoesisGUI component.
    • Fixed: Update Z-order when inserting a child in a VisualCollection.
    • Fixed: Crash when using a TemplateBinding outside a ControlTemplate.
    • Fixed: Opacity groups rendering glitches.
    • Fixed: Projection glitches.
    • Fixed: Renderer stats were not working.
    • Fixed: Geometry loses quality when placed closer to right side of screen due to half float precision.
    • Fixed: Border issue when drawing images.
    • Fixed: When Building resources that use Binding, sometimes the properties were not bound properly.
    • Fixed: Bindings were not using the target property converter if available.
    • Fixed: ComboBoxItem IsSelected was not updating ComboBox.SelectedItem correctly.
    • Fixed: StreamGeometryContext now calls automatically StreamGeometry.Close() when is destroyed, as it occurs in WPF.
    • Fixed: Crash in XamlPlayer when resizing.
    • [Unity] Fixed: As<T>() crashes.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Memory issues. XAML resources were not properly unloaded from memory.
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    NoesisGUI v1.1.4

    01 Feb 2014, 21:18

    • Support for specifying a StaticResource in the Binding.Source property of a xaml.
    • Support for using ItemsControl directly in a xaml.
    • Support for "./" in UriConverter paths.
    • Minimal improvements to Images Tutorial in the section "Generating Images at Runtime".
    • Substitution of glyphs not found in the font file with the replacement character. (U+FFFD or a simple question mark).
    • UI Clipboard implemented using operating system clipboard.
    • Improved error messages when parsing SVG paths.
    • Improvements to Class Hierarchy documentation. Class methods added.
    • [Unity] Added support for PropertyChangedCallback when creating PropertyMetadata for dependency properties.
    • [Unity] Removed "using Noesis" from Unity samples. Now all class names are fully qualified to avoid name collisions with user classes.
    • [Unity] UserControls defined in samples moved to Assets/NoesisGUI/UserControls. This folder will contain any UserControl we develop.
    • [Unity] Added DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached() function to match WPF API.
    • [Unity] Improved API for Point, Transform2, Transform3, Matrix2, Matrix3, Matrix4. Deleted the 'f' at the end of the class name. For example, Transform2f has been renamed to Transform2.
    • Fixed: Added error message when NullExtension can't find target property.
    • Fixed: Bug with IUITreeNode when setting DataContext property to itself.
    • Fixed: Bug in TwoWay bindings when binding expression needed a full reevaluation.
    • Fixed: Bug in nested ResourceDictionaries when they are loaded more than once.
    • Fixed: Bug when selecting text during GotFocus event after clicking down over TextBox.
    • Fixed: Bug in TextBox not accepting characters with accents.
    • Fixed: Robustness improvements when using very small or very big matrices.
    • Fixed: Bug in TimeManager when transferring animations from a loaded xaml to the Renderer TimeManager.
    • Fixed: Bug when calculating the transformed bounds of a render node.
    • Fixed: TextBox edit problems on OSX.
    • Fixed: Changes to Clip geometry are now correctly notified to Visual, to update its bounding box.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Rendered content was lagging one frame from Unity. This implied lagging performance to user.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Crash when an Unity texture used by a xaml was destroyed.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Occasional crash when closing.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Bug in UnityBindings that were not restoring focused element after window deactivation.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Bug in UnityBindings when an error was thrown while freeing RendererInfo resources during shutting down.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Problems with StreamGeometryContext not closing on dispose solved.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Memory leaks.
    • [Unity] Fixed: Texture2D flickering in Android.
    • [Unity] Fixed: "Noesis.dll not unloaded" error after stopping Unity Player.
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