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NoesisGUI v1.1.5

27 Feb 2014, 14:23

  • Implemented CombinedGeometry GetBounds and Contains point.
  • Improvements to integration tutorial regarding saving and restoring state. Fixed GL sample.
  • Added IVGLFont::GetGlyphAdvance() function.
  • [Unity] UIRenderer fully qualified in Unity to avoid name collisions.
  • [Unity] Touch sample improved with scale min/max values.
  • [Unity] Exposed Noesis.Font class. Font.GetGlyphAdvance(uint ch) returns the advance for the specified character.
  • [Unity] Improved memory efficiency of proxies.
  • [Unity] Improved the stability of the plugin. Now the error handler mechanism is a lot faster inside the Editor and more robust.
  • Fixed: Crash when GPU queries not supported.
  • Fixed: Problems with TextBox.MaxLength when inserting non-ascii tex.
  • Fixed: Problem with KeyboardNavigation using arrow keys.
  • Fixed: FrameworkElement Width & Height value validation. It was failing for NaN values.
  • Fixed: Glitch when rendering text rotated by 180 degrees.
  • Fixed: RenderNodes correctly unconnected on Renderer destruction. This was causing crashes on shutdown.
  • Fixed: ContentPresenter and ItemsPresenter now disconnects content when template is removed.
  • Fixed: In rare occasions IRenderer::WaitForUpdate() was locking for ever.
  • Fixed: Tab/Directional navigation: now selected item gets the focus.
  • [Unity] Fixed: UnityEditor.DockArea.OnGUI() error messages.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Memory leak when returning const references from math structs.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Classes belonging to C# proxies are now always destroyed in the main thread. It was unsafe doing it in the garbage collector thread.
  • [Unity] Fixed: ControlGallery sample working in iPad retina.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.6

02 Apr 2014, 13:12

  • Added Debug Marks wrapping GUI render for PIX or similar.
  • Input managers (keyboard, mouse, touch) created before connecting content to Renderer so they are available when controls are initialized.
  • Improved text rendering quality when vertically flipped (for example, rendering to an OpenGL texture).
  • [Unity] Added support for CornerRadius properties in extended classes.
  • Fixed: Text rendering problem with kerning and space characters that was causing strange wrappings.
  • Fixed: Plugins extension set to .dylib in OSX. It was incorrectly set to .so
  • Fixed: TextBox not capturing correctly focus when inside another control.
  • Fixed: TabControl content layout was not deterministic.
  • Fixed: DataTemplate were not found when stored by type in a ResourceDictionary.
  • Fixed: ItemsPresenter was not filled with items sometimes when ItemsControl.ItemsSource was set.
  • Fixed: RoutedUICommand::Create(), text and name parameters were used incorrectly.
  • Fixed: UserControl root element used by VisualStateManager to look for VisualStateGroups must be the UserControl.Content, instead of the template root child as it occurs in the rest of Controls.
  • Fixed: ItemsControl not regenerating items when ItemsPanel or ItemsTemplate properties are modified.
  • Fixed: ItemsControl not correctly cloned when it was part of a template.
  • Fixed: ContextMenu defined in a Style or ResourceDictionary was not opening.
  • Fixed: TouchMove and TouchUp were not correctly promoted to mouse events when hit testing returned null.
  • Fixed: Crash when changing selected item in a ComboBox with a SelectionBoxItemTemplate set.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary clipping when mixing elements with different UseLayoutRounding values.
  • Fixed: Horizontal size of ComboBox Popup gets clipped if inside a Viewbox bigger than screen width.
  • Fixed: Improved error descriptions from filesystem.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Error when trying to register classes from assemblies returning empty reflection information.
  • [Unity] Fixed problem when noesisGUI was not the only native plugin present in an Unity project.
  • [Unity] Fixed: rare crash when pressing Stop inside the editor.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.7

21 Apr 2014, 16:19

  • [Unity] Added HitTest sample to Unity First Steps Tutorial.
  • Fixed: Error with files and paths containing Unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Error with ListBoxItem container not found.
  • Fixed: Text wrapping being applied when it shouldn't due to precisions problems.
  • Fixed: Crash in Mouse::SetOver.
  • Fixed: SetCaretIndex() right after SetText() have no effect issue.
  • Fixed: Performance issues with Storyboard of Duration=0 and RepeatBehavior=Forever.
  • Fixed: Crash when rendering stroked text.
  • Fixed: ContentPresenter incorrectly raising an error when another ContentPresenter was present in the same template.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Crash when device was lost in scenes using Unity Render Textures as XAML images.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Casting fix in BaseComponent.As<T>.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.8

20 May 2014, 06:26

  • Added support for SelectAll command (Ctrl+A) to the TextBox. NOTE: In Unity Ctrl+A only works for standalone builds, because inside Editor this event interfere with its own command shortcut.
  • TextBlock: Justify implemented, Wrap implemented (we only had WrapWithOverflow) and Trimming implemented. Added a new xaml in the Text tutorial showing all the combinations.
  • Added support for RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode. Created a new entry in the Image tutorial explaining it.
  • [Unity] Changed default 3D scene used as background in our samples because performance was not good on old mobiles.
  • [Unity] Now XAMLs are automatically built if they were modified during Editor Play.
  • Fixed: Runtime Error on Progress Bar Animation: the target name 'IndicatorIndeterminate' cannot be found in the xaml namescope.
  • Fixed: Error handling improved when trying to use Items collection while ItemsSource is set. Class documentation updated to explain this scenario.
  • Fixed: Items displayed twice when being added to a ComboBox.
  • Fixed: Small Arc CW flag not working properly.
  • Fixed: In rare cases DirectX9 device creation was failing. Solves the error with standalone applications not using the Gui.Launcher.
  • Fixed: In Viewbox.SetChild, old child could be accessed after destroyed.
  • Fixed: NameScope of UserControl not correctly copied when used as the root of a template.
  • Fixed: Touch events not working properly when a scale was being applied to a ScrollViewer.
  • Fixed: Numeric converters are now able to convert from integer to float and vice versa.
  • Fixed: ProgressBar control was assuming that its template always contained "PART_Track" and "PART_Indicator" elements. Now it is optional.
  • Fixed: StaticResource evaluation in templates, it was not reapplied and resource look-up could fail (crash in Browser Gallery when changing theme).
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NoesisGUI v1.1.9

01 Jul 2014, 14:08

  • Added constructor for RotateTransform and SkewTransform with parameters for easier initialization.
  • Added support for serializing boxed items in a collection.
  • SelectionBoxItemTemplate is now a read-only property like in WPF.
  • DX9Texture and GLTexture constructors now receive an isInverted boolean.
  • Dependency to libbfd eliminated in Linux.
  • Reading from the clipboard implemented in Linux.
  • [Unity] Support for setting log filename and dumps folder by creating a noesis.ini in StreamingAssets folder.
  • [Unity] Now XAML are processed after their corresponding .cs, if any, is built by Unity.
  • [Unity] Added support for split application binaries in Android.
  • [Unity] Renamed mobile exported function Noesis_UnityRenderEvent to avoid name conflicts with other third parties.
  • [Unity] UnityRenderHook library renamed to NoesisUnityRenderHook.
  • [Unity] Software keyboard management re-factorized to facilitate user override.
  • [Unity] Unity tutorial updated with information about how to override default software keyboard behavior.
  • Fixed: problem with consecutive MouseDown events in OS X standalone.
  • Fixed: Crash in bindings with nested paths.
  • Fixed: RoutedEventConverter working in events with a namespace prefix.
  • Fixed: Binding to inherited DataContext not resolved on Freezables.
  • Fixed: Bindings don't update when Path doesn't resolve the first time.
  • Fixed: ProgressBar Indicator element was not updated after modifying Minimum or Maximum properties.
  • Fixed: ProgressBar default template was making the control to grow to infinite when Value==Maximum.
  • Fixed: Resource look-up from inside a DataTemplate was broken.
  • Fixed: GridLengthConverter was not taking into account Auto (NaN) value when converting from a numeric value.
  • Fixed: Support for complex namespace (A.B.C) prefix in PropertyPath.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Problem when modifying a property defined in the base class of a Unity extended class.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Mouse and keyboard events handled properly in Linux.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.10

04 Aug 2014, 03:47

  • BaseButton.Command exported to Unity/C#.
  • Unity: Implemented mechanism to detect package upgrades.
  • Fixed: Setter serializing a Command set in its Value member.
  • Fixed: Container not found when calling ItemsControl.GetContainerFromItem passing the container itself.
  • Fixed: TreeViewItem failing to select the item if already had the focus.
  • Fixed: SelectionChanged event not working when using a ComboBox with template
  • Fixed: Crash on application exit.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Mac Shortcuts not working (CMD+key)
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NoesisGUI v1.1.11

05 Sep 2014, 01:51

  • PPAA algorithm improved. Now it works properly with animations and it is faster.
  • Experimental support added for profiling CPU and Memory using NoesisGUI console.
  • Added support for more system types (int16, int32, uint16, uint32, single and double) in a ResourceDictionary. Fixed also the XAML parser because it was using the assembly name instead of the namespace to expand type name.
  • Fixed: TemplateTriggerProvider was trying to invalidate the properties of an object that was being destroyed.
  • Fixed: Line geometry was not correctly updated when changing the thickness of the stroke. This bug could also affect other geometries.
  • Fixed: An incorrect type of value could be assigned to a dependency property coming from a StaticResource.
  • Fixed: TextTrimming incorrectly generating extra line.
  • Fixed: Problem when item being removed in the SelectionChanged handler or any other Mouse event handler.
  • Fixed: ItemContainerStyle bindings to data item properties are now working
    <Setter Property="IsSelected" Value="{Binding IsItemSelected, Mode=TwoWay}"/>
  • [Unity] functions for injecting input events added.
  • [Unity] GUI render no longer affected by Unity Post Processing. Added a toggle to revert to previous behavior.
  • [Unity] Try versions of FindStringResource and FindTypeResource added.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Error inside FindStringResource and FindTypeResource functions was crashing Unity.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Ramps not properly rendered when activating Linear Color Space in Player Settings.
  • [Unity] Fixed: more keycode problem fixed in Linux.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.12

14 Oct 2014, 13:13

  • Support for TabControl using ItemsSource property.
  • Support for GridLength animation.
  • Support for xml:space="preserve".
  • Changed TabItem in the DefaultStyle so content gets stretched as in WPF styles.
  • Support for using Projection property in Blend WPF projects.
  • Fixed: Noesis.UserControlSource not needed in not final classes.
  • Fixed: DefaultStyle padding bindings.
  • Fixed: Button not reacting to interaction when changing Visibility per frame.
  • Fixed: VS2013 compilation issues.
  • Fixed: XCode 6 issues.
  • Fixed: Crash in ComboBox when using a UIElement as SelectionBoxItem.
  • Fixed: Some Bindings to UserControl root were failing when using the UserControl inside another xaml.
  • [Unity] Support for passing string to HeaderedContentControl.SetHeader().
  • [Unity] Exposed UIElement.UpdateLayout() to C#.
  • [Unity] Under certain conditions, Image Effects affects to NoesisGUI.
  • [Unity] DX9 Render glitches when resizing fixed.
  • [Unity] No longer crashing when changing DX9 <-> DX11 in Player settings. There is a bug in Unity about this.
  • [Unity] Several functions in UnityBindings not properly protected against exceptions were crashing Unity.
  • [Unity] Subclassed controls used inside a Template now correctly clone their properties.
  • [Unity] Error displayed when switching to a platform that is not active in NoesisGUI settings.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.13

11 Nov 2014, 00:42

  • [Unity] XAMLs with a Window root are no longer accepted in Unity. A proper error is shown at build time.
  • [Unity] Noesis.Extend.IsExtendType(type) is cached to speed up .As<T> conversions.
  • Fixed: Controls inside a template with event handlers added in constructor were ignored.
  • Fixed: UpdateSourceTrigger default value for TextBox.Text property was not correctly set to LostFocus.
  • Fixed: Crash on x64 when creating several renderers.
  • Fixed: PropertyChangedCallback being ignored when using default(string) as default value.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Extended instance being registered if another BaseComponent is created in its constructor.
  • Fixed: BaseComponent.AsType was failing when used with extended types.
  • Fixed: HitTesting failing on Popups.
  • Fixed: Bugs in TabControl when used along with ItemsSource property.
  • Fixed: Improved error reporting in VisualTreeHelper and LogicalTreeHelper.
  • Fixed: Slider moves erratically when receiving several Mouse events between updates.
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NoesisGUI v1.1.14

17 Dec 2014, 17:30

  • Support for prefixes when using static extensions: {x:Static local:Settings.BaseColor}.
  • Removed UseLayoutRounding from styles, so user can decide the behavior of the whole UI tree just by setting the value in the root.
  • [Unity] Added TryLoadXaml to API.
  • [Unity] Improved compatibility with Unity 4.6.
  • Fixed: Bindings with LostFocus/Explicit UpdateSourceTriggerMode where not working properly.
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking on TabItems (Linux).
  • Fixed: LinearGradientBrush not working in Absolute mode when used on certain Paths.
  • Fixed: Layout process of Grid with many items could produce an unhandled exception.
  • Fixed: DependencyProperty value storage not properly constructed when unserializing a StaticResourceExpression.
  • Fixed: Setting DataContext property from a Binding using parent DataContext.
  • Fixed: Calculation of PlaneProjection when surface size was 0.
  • Fixed: Binding inside DataTemplate using RelativeSource AncestorType not working if parent outside the DataTemplate visual tree.
  • Fixed: Comparing Pens was causing unnecessary tessellations per frame.
  • Fixed: Problem with ClearLocalValue() and inherited properties.
  • Fixed: In OSX, Alt key was not working properly.
  • Fixed: PPAA artifacts.
  • Fixed: Geometry being clipped by far plane when applying 3D transformations on Retina displays.
  • Fixed: Crash on Nvidia Shield tablets.
  • Fixed: Crash when moving ListView columns by dragging the column header.
  • Fixed: Crash in OSX when accessing empty clipboard.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Crash when focused item was removed in Unity while application is not focused.
  • [Unity] Fixed: Dumps are now generated in $(PROJECT)/Dumps folder.

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