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UI does not render on OSX

23 Jun 2016, 17:54


One of our user has a problem when running the application on OSX.
He gets this error
Message: Couldn't open /Users/robdavison05/Downloads/mac_version_debug.app/Contents/Plugins/Noesis.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Noesis, error: dlopen(/Users/robdavison05/Downloads/mac_version_debug.app/Contents/Plugins/Noesis.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Noesis, 2): Symbol not found: _glPopGroupMarkerEXT
  Referenced from: /Users/robdavison05/Downloads/mac_version_debug.app/Contents/Plugins/Noesis.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Noesis
  Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/OpenGL
 in /Users/robdavison05/Downloads/mac_version_debug.app/Contents/Plugins/Noesis.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Noesis
Is this due some settings in Unity?
The user said that it has the version 10.7.5 of OSX, could this be the problem?
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Re: UI does not render on OSX

24 Jun 2016, 00:27

Our requirement is 10.6 at least. As far as I know OpenGL functions on OSX have been weak linked since OSX 10.2 so in theory that linkage error shouldn't be happening.

Please, file a ticket about it. I need to investigate this.


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