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Re: NoesisGUI 1.3 RC1

Posted: 23 Feb 2017, 09:12
by Ziriax
So many new features! I'm looking forward to use it. I have hot reloading of XAML and C# working with WPF (albeit with some limitations since Roslyn does not support all the MSBuild features). I'm curious if I can get it to work with Noesis

Re: NoesisGUI 1.3 RC2

Posted: 25 Feb 2017, 11:32
by jsantos
The second release candidate is already out. We have fixed many issues and also added macOS and iOS to the C# SDK.

Thanks a lot for your feedbak!

Re: NoesisGUI 1.3 RC3

Posted: 27 Feb 2017, 12:06
by jsantos
We have released a new version of the C# SDK including all the platforms we have added to Unity: windows, osx, ios, android, uwp.

C++ SDK is still RC2. We hope to release tomorrow a RC4 including all the SDKs.