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by tedd
28 Aug 2018, 23:06
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Losing Xaml references both in Cameras NoesisView and Tools->NoesisGUI->Settings

Hi Just wanted to report a few issues that happens all the time. Whenever pulling code from other developers (via Git): 1. Camera NoesisView-script loses reference to XAML. 2. Tools->NoesisGUI->Settings... loses reference to Application Resources 3. Preloaded Xamls list is emptied. These errors seem...
by tedd
28 Aug 2018, 22:55
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Re: Unity - Changing the XAML on the NoesisView doesn't mark the scene as dirty

Same, made this script for a quick edit-reload-editback of all xaml-files. using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; using System.IO; public class ReloadXamlViews : MonoBehaviour { [MenuItem("Tools/Reload Xaml Views")] static void ReloadXamlViewsAction() { // Modify ScanDir(Path.Combine(