Scheduled For Release 2019-10-01
0001457: [C# SDK] Shift + mouse wheel = horizontal scroll (sfernandez)
0001345: [Documentation] Add tutorial about Visual States (sfernandez)
0001071: [C# SDK] Default resource provider on Android - Unable to load font (jsantos)
0001109: [C++ SDK] Custom cursor support (jsantos)
0001347: [Unity3D] Unity bug when scrolling on touchpad (jsantos)
0000856: [Unity3D] Icons are sometimes rendered incorrectly (jsantos)
0001269: [C# SDK] Expose mip map LOD bias for texture sampling (jsantos)
0001291: [C# SDK] Textures rendering issues (unexplainable seams) (jsantos)
0000916: [C++ SDK] Black lines between elements in Canvas (jsantos)
0001538: [Unity3D] Unity Crash on Project Load (sfernandez)
0001543: [C++ SDK] Home and End keys not working properly in ListBox (sfernandez)
0001320: [C# SDK] Code-behind classes in unloaded assemblies (sfernandez)
0001283: [C# SDK] Unknown type exception referencing custom control from seperate dll (sfernandez)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0001550: [C# SDK] ObservableCollection.Move generates a Noesis Unimplemented Error (sfernandez)
0001552: [C# SDK] Sharing column or row sizes between grids with BaseDefinition.ShareSizeGroup does not work. (sfernandez)
0001540: [C++ SDK] ListBox catches focus during ControlTab navigation instead of passing it to its children (sfernandez)
0001539: [C++ SDK] KeyboardNavigation.DirectionalNavigation="None" doesn’t work (sfernandez)
0001496: [C# SDK] Textblock inside Textblock won't render (sfernandez)
0001476: [C++ SDK] Freezable objects inside templates are not correctly registered in the NameScope (sfernandez)
0001522: [Unity3D] Ellipse use too few Segments compared to Curved closed Path (jsantos)
0001525: [C++ SDK] Cannot use escaped quotes in binding StringFormat (sfernandez)
0001519: [C++ SDK] Tab-control focusing using Shift-tab is different from WPF (sfernandez)
0001512: [Unity3D] ValidateValueCallback Not Available In Unity SDK (sfernandez)
0001505: [C++ SDK] Can't get access to application resource dictionary (jsantos)
0001504: [C++ SDK] Suport for DateTime formats in StringFormat (jsantos)
0001500: [C# SDK] TextBlock Character Spacing Extension (jsantos)
0001499: [C# SDK] GridViewColumnHeader Click event not raised (sfernandez)
0001498: [C# SDK] Performance problems binding DateTime (sfernandez)
0001237: [C++ SDK] NoesisTheme.xaml is not complete ? (sfernandez)
0001484: [C++ SDK] Implement Storyboard.Seek methods (sfernandez)
0001263: [Unity3D] ContentControl.ContentStringFormat is not implemented. (sfernandez)
0001463: [Unity3D] MarkupExtension crashes the Unity Editor (sfernandez)
0001468: [C# SDK] Ability to load embedded resources from assemblies other than the default assembly (sfernandez)
0001469: [C# SDK] Suppot for FrameworkContentElement (sfernandez)
0001470: [C# SDK] CheckAccess not implemented by Noesis.DependencyObject (sfernandez)
0001471: [C# SDK] Support XamlReader.Load from Stream (sfernandez)
0001474: [C# SDK] Missing Window events (sfernandez)
0001475: [C# SDK] Application MainWindow never fires Unloaded event (sfernandez)
0001472: [C++ SDK] Soft lock when measuring a list box with a content presenter sharing content with another item (sfernandez)
0001479: [C++ SDK] Define MenuItem role resource keys and use them in default style (sfernandez)
0001465: [C++ SDK] Allow 3D world-view-projection transforms in MVVM, independent of screen space for high performance spatial UI (jsantos)
0001454: [Unity3D] custom TypeConverters are not supported in NoesisGUI C# API (sfernandez)
0001448: [Unity3D] custom rendering in unity (sfernandez)
0001364: [C++ SDK] Support for MultiBinding and IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
0001417: [C++ SDK] Intrinsic Type Compatibility w/ XAML 2009 Spec (sfernandez)
0001276: [Unreal] Unknown type "PathGeometry" (sfernandez)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-03-01
0001224: [Unity3D] Custom shader effects not supported (jsantos)
0001526: [C++ SDK] Add Support for BlurEffect (jsantos)
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