Scheduled For Release 2022-07-31
0002423: [C++ SDK] Clicking on Button control may leave it in a invalid mouse capture state (sfernandez)
0002430: [Unreal] Noesis widget blocks input for other UMG widgets or actor mouse over events (hcpizzi)
0002402: [C++ SDK] Global (private) symbols from NoesisApp (jsantos)
0001937: [C# SDK] Expose FrameworkElement AddLogicalChild(object) and RemoveLogicalChild(object) methods (sfernandez)
0002435: [C++ SDK] Add support for a second texture in custom Shader Brushes (jsantos)
0002434: [Unity3D] ToggleButton with one way binding (sfernandez)
0002431: [C++ SDK] MenuItem not receiving focus when in Treeview or ListView (sfernandez)
0002429: [C++ SDK] OpenMoji font does not render colored glyphs (jsantos)
0002418: [Inspector] Add an option to limit Inspector target to local applications only (jsantos)
0002424: [C++ SDK] Crash (sfernandez)
0002425: [C++ SDK] Incorrect render size when moving app window between different DPI monitors (jsantos)
0002422: [C++ SDK] TreeViewItem capturing KeyDown event preventing directional navigation outside of the TreeView (sfernandez)
0002413: [Unity3D] NoesisPostprocess in Unity causes the editor to get stuck (jsantos)
0002410: [Unity3D] Triggers are not hot reloaded in some situations (sfernandez)
0002412: [C++ SDK] Improve diagnostics error when loading fonts (jsantos)
0002348: [C# SDK] Triggers not working after reload in C# (sfernandez)
0002407: [C# SDK] MediaPlayer does not fire MediaFailed event upon attempt to play corrupt video (in all cases) (sfernandez)
0002398: [C++ SDK] Hitting assert in Rect constructor when using LinearRectKeyFrame (jsantos)
0002394: [Unity3D] Bug in error handling in EventTriggerBase.RegisterEvent(object source, string eventName) (sfernandez)
0002392: [C++ SDK] Noesis::GUI::Shutdown complains about objects created in another thread (sfernandez)
0002332: [C++ SDK] Shape tweening in Blend (jsantos)
0002385: [Unity3D] UI not rendering when camera clearing set to SkyBox (jsantos)
0002377: [Unity3D] Font Importer cannot be changed (jsantos)
0002370: [C++ SDK] Crash when using lambda expression for delegate (jsantos)
0002372: [Unity3D] Custom Animations Unsupported on Unity / C# (jsantos)
0002369: [C++ SDK] Please add support of IsDefault and IsCancel of Buttons (sfernandez)
0002368: [Unreal] Add flag to NoesisInstance to control if view is rendering per frame (hcpizzi)
0002366: [C++ SDK] Display::Close() for PlayStation and Xbox (jsantos)
0001287: [C++ SDK] Circular dependency produces memory leaks (sfernandez)
0002364: [C++ SDK] Support Polygon and Polyline shapes (sfernandez)
0002080: [Unreal] Dynamically created RadioButtons inside a ListBox crashed when using GroupName (sfernandez)
0002113: [C++ SDK] TwoWay property should not notify of changes if bound property returns the old value (sfernandez)
0002185: [C# SDK] Provide a way to know the latest input device that interacted with the View (sfernandez)
0002195: [Unity3D] Support BaseUri which in ParserContext (sfernandez)
0002221: [Unity3D] Please add Visual Studio 2022 support for the NoesisGUI Project Templates (aschmitt)
0002222: [Unity3D] Show the XAML line in binding failed error message. (sfernandez)
0002242: [C++ SDK] KeyboardNavigation failing to focus "off-screen" controls inside a ScrollViewer (sfernandez)
0002253: [C++ SDK] Converter not called when binding to TransformGroup that internally changes (sfernandez)
0002254: [C# SDK] Support commands that inherit from DependencyObject (sfernandez)
0002260: [C# SDK] Inheriting from AnimationTimeline is not supported yet in C# (sfernandez)
0002282: [Unreal] [Unreal Editor] NoesisObjectWrapper cleanup interfering with view models data context cleanup (hcpizzi)
0002294: [Unreal] Create Visual Studio project templates for Unreal (sfernandez)
0002299: [Unity3D] An element using Transform3D is not rendered if the container in which it is contained has the Blur effect set. (sfernandez)
0002305: [Unity3D] Noesis Crashes Unity Editor On Button Click (sfernandez)
0002315: [C# SDK] CollectionSortBehavior outputs empty collection in Blend (sfernandez)
0002331: [C++ SDK] Add Repeater support to Lottie (jsantos)
0002334: [Unity3D] Bug in inventory system (sfernandez)
0002337: [C++ SDK] predicates store the itemsource, which kind of makes hard to reuse (sfernandez)
0002359: [Unity3D] EventManager class handlers not cleaned up on domain unload (sfernandez)
0002362: [C++ SDK] Please remove NS_ASSERT from Activate/DeactivateWindow inside TSF.cpp (sfernandez)
0002432: [C++ SDK] Use PropertyChanged("") to indicate all props of a view model changed (sfernandez)
0002426: [C++ SDK] Inifnite recursion causing be self binding in VisualTreeInspector.cpp (sfernandez)
0002416: [Unreal] Video issues in Unreal Engine 5 (hcpizzi)
0002419: [Unreal] Crash reloading xaml using the same name in a template Grid and outer Grid elements (sfernandez)
0002417: [Unity3D] FlowDirection of WrapPanel crashed Unity (sfernandez)
0002408: [C++ SDK] ScrollChanged event missing the timing for ongoing scrolling input (sfernandez)
0001041: [C++ SDK] Implement UIElement.LayoutUpdated event (sfernandez)
0002403: [C++ SDK] Compiler warnings in Find.h (VS2022) (jsantos)
0002400: [Unity3D] ScrollViewer doesnt apply panningMode when applied with style (sfernandez)
0002401: [C++ SDK] Duplicate user control x:Name causes incorrect binding (sfernandez)
0002382: [C# SDK] Expression methods are not exposed in the C# SDK (sfernandez)
0002390: [C++ SDK] Assert hit when showing/hiding the scrollbars in a ScrollViewer (sfernandez)
0002387: [C++ SDK] clang warnings in NsMath/Vector.h and NsMath/Transform.h (deprecated-copy) (jsantos)
0002363: [Unreal] Unreal 5 Noesis Instance can't run other plugin's custom blueprint node (hcpizzi)
0002386: [Unity3D] Argument Exception when using ref property (sfernandez)
0002384: [C++ SDK] Itemspresenter stomp (sfernandez)
0002378: [Unity3D] Noesis 3.1.5 Unity release doesn't work when uploaded to a UPM (npm) pagacke repository. (sfernandez)
0002375: [C++ SDK] Crash in GetXamlDependencies when using unknown namespace (sfernandez)
0002374: [C++ SDK] Slider's thumb may fail to update its dragging state when mouse capture changed (sfernandez)
0002365: [C++ SDK] Assertion is thrown when backspace key is pressed after a long text is entered (sfernandez)
0002367: [C++ SDK] when using IME, TextBox cursor is shown even though focus has moved to another TextBox (sfernandez)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-09-01
This version implements right-to-left languages like Arabic and more improvements related to text and Unicode compatibility
FreeType is being replaced by HarfBuzz
0001398: [Unity3D] Feature Request : DatagridView (sfernandez)
0001337: [C# SDK] Error: Cannot implicitly convert type 'Noesis.Binding' to 'Noesis.BindingExpressionBase' (sfernandez)
0002255: [C++ SDK] Stroke bug - bad path generation (jsantos)
0002380: [C++ SDK] Feature Request: Composite Fonts (jsantos)
0001244: [Unity3D] Noesis should support ValidationRules per xaml (sfernandez)
0002415: [Unity3D] Binding TranslateTransform in Style (sfernandez)
0002244: [C# SDK] Portability suggestions - InitializeComponent and ConnectEvent (jsantos)
0002175: [C++ SDK] Feature Request: UWP ARM64 support (jsantos)
0002399: [Inspector] Show control's active visual states to help with debugging (hcpizzi)
0002393: [Unity3D] Calling any Noesis methods without calling Noesis.GUI.Init() first, results in a Unity crash (sfernandez)
0002397: [C++ SDK] Implement support for OpenType Font Features (sfernandez)
0002391: [C# SDK] Add DispatcherTimer from System.Windows.Threading (sfernandez)
0002395: [C# SDK] Missing Virtual Methods In Tab Control (sfernandez)
0002396: [C# SDK] Missing Property in TabControl (sfernandez)
0002330: [C++ SDK] Support VisualBrush as an OpacityMask (sfernandez)
0002355: [C++ SDK] Implement an official localization solution (maherne)
0002346: [C++ SDK] Implement VirtualizingWrapPanel (sfernandez)
0002344: [C++ SDK] Avoid using offscreen textures for Image+OpacityMask (sfernandez)
0002340: [C++ SDK] Create ShortcutTrigger that works well with focused TextBoxes (sfernandez)
0002320: [C# SDK] ManagedSDK can't play sounds (sfernandez)
0002149: [C# SDK] Textblock.IsHyphenationEnabled property does not work. (jsantos)
0001247: [Unity3D] Support for stroke outside shape (jsantos)
0002295: [C++ SDK] Add NoesisTheme to App.xaml in all our samples (sfernandez)
0001894: [C# SDK] Inspector support for macOS (jsantos)
0002258: [C++ SDK] Support moving focus to Hyperlink inlines (sfernandez)
0002256: [C++ SDK] Support property notifications from different threads in bindings (sfernandez)
0002238: [Unreal] NoesisTextBoxTextInputMethodContext (hcpizzi)
0002067: [C++ SDK] Divide by zero in SDFGenerator (jsantos)
0001789: [C++ SDK] Font selection differs from WPF one (jsantos)
0001742: [C++ SDK] Make Symbols case sensitive to avoid some problems (jsantos)
0002091: [C++ SDK] i18n for text wrapping and trimming (jsantos)
0002379: [C++ SDK] Bad clipping when text wraps (jsantos)
0002383: [C++ SDK] Arabic Branch: InlineUIContainers not working with FlowDirection (sfernandez)
0001522: [Unity3D] Ellipse use too few Segments compared to Curved closed Path (jsantos)
0001404: [Unity3D] Cannot draw Path to meet two Arc-s: rendering artifacts (WPF OK) (jsantos)
0001412: [Unity3D] Noesis fails to render Bengali/Sinhala/other fonts with ligatures and unicode characters (jsantos)
0001788: [C++ SDK] Emoji with zero width joiner (zwj) should render with a zero width space on fallback (jsantos)
0000615: [C# SDK] Unsupported property "FlowDirection" (sfernandez)
0001868: [C++ SDK] Implement Font differentiation when matching famiy names (jsantos)
0001829: [C++ SDK] Feature Request: Support FrameworkElement.FlowDirection (sfernandez)
0001280: [Unreal] StackPanel FlowDirection unsupported (sfernandez)
0002092: [C++ SDK] Fonts with overlapping paths (jsantos)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-12-30
0002108: [Unity3D] Index out of range exception in Noesis.View::KeyDown (sfernandez)
0002045: [C# SDK] IsDoubleTapEnabled should inherit parent to child (sfernandez)
0001269: [C# SDK] Expose mip map LOD bias for texture sampling (jsantos)
0002184: [C# SDK] Rendering offscreen doesn't seem to apply styles exactly the same as rendering to the screen (sfernandez)
0001684: [C++ SDK] Support for BaseAlignment for Inline elements (sfernandez)
0002061: [Unity3D] Editor Crash, Noesis_View_Update (sfernandez)
0002428: [C++ SDK] Apple Color Emoji font not rendering any glyphs (jsantos)
0002406: [C++ SDK] Support overriding default directional navigation (sfernandez)
0002404: [C# SDK] Missing EventSetter from System.Windows (sfernandez)
0002052: [C++ SDK] Storyboard Completed event triggered for all instances of a template (sfernandez)
0002361: [C++ SDK] Using parenthesis in a PropertyPath does not work in Noesis (sfernandez)
0002341: [Documentation] Lottie-Noesis crashes when 3D rotation is used (jsantos)
0001547: [C++ SDK] Support lighter-weight Drawing objects (sfernandez)
0002310: [C++ SDK] Support for DrawingImage (sfernandez)
0001110: [Unity3D] Support for DrawingBrush (sfernandez)
0002309: [C++ SDK] Implement support for CacheMode (jsantos)
0002280: [C# SDK] Invoking animation on VisibilityProperty from code behind throws an exception (sfernandez)
0002267: [C++ SDK] Centered Popup shows in the corner until the view is resized (sfernandez)
0002264: [Unreal] Improve xaml import process to check errors when dependencies change (hcpizzi)
0002123: [C# SDK] Assigning ColumnProperty throws exceptions (sfernandez)
0002137: [C# SDK] Better FontProvider API to allow easier reloading (jsantos)
0002087: [C++ SDK] Feature Request: Mac Catalyst support (jsantos)
0001765: [C++ SDK] <FlowDocument> and <Floater> features not supported (sfernandez)
0001823: [C# SDK] Support for DependencyPropertyKey and read-only dependency properties (sfernandez)
0002006: [C# SDK] Controls are missing virtual OnEvent methods (sfernandez)
0002060: [C# SDK] TouchDown not fired for a touch in the Arc part of a Path (sfernandez)
0002059: [C++ SDK] ComboBox Text should be updated when selecting an item (sfernandez)
0002055: [Unity3D] Parent command binding not working properly (sfernandez)
0002054: [Unity3D] Binding to ActualWidth property returns 0 at runtime (sfernandez)
0002050: [C++ SDK] Add support to visualize/edit DataContext state in inspector (hcpizzi)
0000811: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - FocusManager is absent (sfernandez)
0001982: [Unity3D] FocusManager is missing (sfernandez)
0002041: [Unity3D] Create Blend project from existing Unity project (sfernandez)
0002040: [C++ SDK] Add text selection helper controls for touch in TextBox (sfernandez)
0001338: [C++ SDK] cyclic reference when using child user control with DataContext binding on the Parent Control (sfernandez)
0001153: [C++ SDK] Memory leak when using ContextMenuService.PlacementTarget (sfernandez)
0002039: [C++ SDK] Visual descendant bounds not correctly calculated when involves clipping (sfernandez)
0001822: [C++ SDK] Different objects when using resources defined inside a template element (sfernandez)
0002018: [Unity3D] Unity Editor crashes when using converter implementing both IValueConverter and IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
0002012: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: DependencyProperty.Register lacks an overload for Validation (sfernandez)
0002034: [C# SDK] Implement support for getting DPIs of View (sfernandez)
0001579: [Unity3D] Combining MarkupExtension and IValueConverter crashes Unity (sfernandez)
0001975: [C# SDK] Can't create MarkupExtension that implements IValueConverter (sfernandez)
0002002: [C++ SDK] Implement RelativePanel (sfernandez)
0001980: [C++ SDK] ScrollViewer KeyUp / KeyDown event is not triggered by the xbox pad right thumbstick (sfernandez)
0001783: [C# SDK] Routed event args missing constructors or wrong signature (sfernandez)
0001957: [C++ SDK] TemplateBinding generates assertion for assignable types (sfernandez)
0001777: [Unity3D] GeometryGroup doesn't work as expected (sfernandez)
0001848: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Google Stadia (jsantos)
0001611: [Unity3D] TemplateBinding Converter does not work (sfernandez)
0001754: [C# SDK] Databindings within triggers in a template element not functioning (sfernandez)
0001752: [C++ SDK] Can't assign property to abstract class 'Color' (sfernandez)
0001820: [C++ SDK] Implement Vulkan Renderer (jsantos)
0001995: [Unity3D] Configurable Enter Play Mode results in missing XAMLs (jsantos)
0002057: [Unity3D] Noesis Dependency Logic Breaking Change (jsantos)
0002193: [C++ SDK] Reducing memory allocation without shutting down Noesis (jsantos)
0002157: [C++ SDK] Socket library is already initialized on NX (jsantos)
0001349: [C++ SDK] Improve Manipulations (jsantos)
0001941: [Unity3D] Interactivity DataTrigger not behaving exactly as WPF (sfernandez)
0002068: [Unreal] InputScope property on TextBox not working (hcpizzi)
0002013: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: DependencyProperty.AddOwner is missing (sfernandez)
0001926: [C++ SDK] NVNRenderContext requiring 1GB of stack memory (jsantos)
0001330: [Unity3D] Moving NoesisGUI inside a subfolder causes it to reinstall every time on run. (jsantos)
0001343: [C++ SDK] Evaluate using Boxing in PropertyChangedEventArgs to avoid void* (jsantos)
0001849: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Apple TV (jsantos)
0002058: [C++ SDK] display->Close() not working on Nintendo Switch (jsantos)
0002048: [Unity3D] Switch/NVN renderer support in Unity plugin (jsantos)
0002056: [Unreal] Current UI does not react to changes in MergedDictionaries of the Application Resources (sfernandez)
0002053: [Unreal] ComboBox Selected Index not updating when selecting first item (hcpizzi)
0002019: [Unreal] MediaElement texture gets black when trying to loop the video (sfernandez)
0002025: [Unreal] Expose properties defined by UFUNCTION Getter and/or Setter (hcpizzi)
0001531: [Unity3D] Noesis Premultiply Alpha Texture Import Setting Ignored by Noesis (jsantos)
0002042: [Unity3D] missing virtual keys (jsantos)
0001828: [Unity3D] Implement support for the new Unity Input System (jsantos)
0001682: [Unity3D] OnGUI GC Allocations (jsantos)
0001596: [C# SDK] Unity 2019.2.x OnGUI GC Allocation in NoesisView.OnGUI (jsantos)
0001827: [Unity3D] Noesis should be compatible with the Unity Package Manager (jsantos)
0001819: [C++ SDK] Implement D3D12 renderer (jsantos)
0000342: [Unity3D] no practical multitouch interaction possible with most of the widgets (jsantos)
0001530: [C++ SDK] VS2019 support (jsantos)
0001457: [C# SDK] Shift + mouse wheel = horizontal scroll (sfernandez)
0001846: [C++ SDK] Implement support for PlayStation 5 (jsantos)
0001847: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Xbox Series X|S (jsantos)
0001863: [C++ SDK] New Tessellator (jsantos)
0001880: [C# SDK] Support for implementing custom RenderDevice in C# (sfernandez)
0001224: [Unity3D] Custom shader effects not supported (jsantos)
0001845: [C++ SDK] Add support for Apple silicon architecture (jsantos)
0001966: [Unreal] Support for Unreal 5 (hcpizzi)
0001989: [Unreal] TMap is not yet exposed in Unreal plugin as a dictionary and can't be used in bindings (hcpizzi)
0001865: [C++ SDK] Extend blending modes (jsantos)
0001613: [Unity3D] Expose OnRender (sfernandez)
0001569: [C++ SDK] Customizing UriConverter / XamlProvider (sfernandez)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-12-31
0001790: [C# SDK] Add Noessis Gui Binding generator to v3.0
0001704: [C# SDK] Errors spam on NoesisGUI Shutdown (sfernandez)
0001948: [Unreal] CombinedGeometry and GeometryGroup missing implementation (sfernandez)
0001316: [Unity3D] OpacityMask doesn't support VisualBrush even when binding an existing element to Visual (sfernandez)
0001805: [C# SDK] Allow adjusting OffscreenSampleCount at any time (jsantos)
0001736: [C++ SDK] Crash when calling UpdateView (sfernandez)
0001707: [C++ SDK] Feature request: Identify and notify the user about cyclic references (jsantos)
0001301: [C# SDK] Cache for GUI.LoadComponent(object, string) (sfernandez)
0001345: [Documentation] Add tutorial about Visual States (sfernandez)
0001641: [C++ SDK] Assert focusing the selected item in a ListBox via a Style trigger (sfernandez)
0001681: [C# SDK] ImageBrush with reloaded texture (through RaiseTextureChanged) doesn't recalculate its viewport/viewbox properly (sfernandez)
0000916: [C++ SDK] Black lines between elements in Canvas (jsantos)
0001590: [C# SDK] Missing classes for Live-Charts porting (sfernandez)
0000856: [Unity3D] Icons are sometimes rendered incorrectly (jsantos)
0001616: [Unity3D] TextDecoration cannot be bound with a ValueConverter specified in the binding (sfernandez)
0001071: [C# SDK] Default resource provider on Android - Unable to load font (jsantos)
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