Scheduled For Release 2021-05-31
0001804: [Unity3D] Unable to view embedded user controls in xaml (sfernandez)
0001890: [Unity3D] Seemingly random Crashes in editor and build (sfernandez)
0002047: [Unreal] Crash when using DataTrigger bound to DataContext (sfernandez)
0002036: [C# SDK] SortCollectionBehavior not efficient when items are modified
0002029: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: MarkupExtensionReturnTypeAttribute is missing (sfernandez)
0002033: [C# SDK] WPF inconsistency: KeyFrame .ctors missing (sfernandez)
0002031: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: CommandBinding constructors missing (sfernandez)
0002030: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: UIElement.TranslatePoint is missing (sfernandez)
0001984: [Unity3D] MouseButtonEventArgs Source Property incorrect value (sfernandez)
0001981: [Unity3D] KeyEventArgs is missing the OriginalSource property (sfernandez)
0001999: [Unity3D] Unity crashes when TextBox is filled line by line with a lot of content (jsantos)
0002032: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: IEasingFunction interface is missing (sfernandez)
0002035: [C++ SDK] WindowState Maximized not working (jsantos)
0002027: [Unity3D] ToolTips that contain content with a LayoutTransform/ScaleTransform on them are not properly sized (sfernandez)
0002025: [Unreal] Expose properties defined by UFUNCTION Getter and/or Setter (hcpizzi)
0002020: [Unreal] Binding in SelectedIndex property stops working if using OneWay mode (sfernandez)
0002011: [C# SDK] Allow application to configure RenderDevice settings (sfernandez)
0002000: [C# SDK] Convert Noesis.GUI.Extension package to .NET 5 (sfernandez)
0001816: [Unity3D] In WebGL the Last Gallery CheckBox examples (Select All) throw MissingMethodException (sfernandez)
0001808: [C# SDK] Difference from WPF - TextBox TextChanged signature (sfernandez)
0001826: [Unity3D] HDRP render texture overlap / stacked cameras not rendering (jsantos)
0001857: [C++ SDK] Add support for TextSearch to ItemsControl (sfernandez)
0001889: [C# SDK] MultiBinding's Binding list gets overwritten by list from XAML (sfernandez)
0001896: [C++ SDK] Implement Close logic on XDisplay (jsantos)
0001873: [Unity3D] TextBox/PasswordBox problem in UWP (sfernandez)
0001937: [C# SDK] Expose FrameworkElement AddLogicalChild(object) and RemoveLogicalChild(object) methods (sfernandez)
0001941: [Unity3D] Interactivity DataTrigger not behaving exactly as WPF (sfernandez)
0001942: [C# SDK] Change to XAML whitespace affects TextBlock.Run parsing (sfernandez)
0001939: [C# SDK] Data Trigger in inline Window Style doesn't take effect (sfernandez)
0001949: [Unity3D] Foreground property is not passed down the hierarchy (sfernandez)
0001963: [C++ SDK] Create a RichTextFormatterBehavior or attached property (jsantos)
0001970: [Unity3D] ContentControl is missing virtual OnContentChanged(object oldContent, object newContent) method. (sfernandez)
0001967: [C# SDK] Random crash related to ObservableCollection (sfernandez)
0001991: [C# SDK] TreeViewItem.BringIntoView() does not work in default ItemContainer Style (sfernandez)
0002021: [Unreal] Frequent crashes during xaml reimport (sfernandez)
0002017: [C++ SDK] Triggering SetFocusAction with IsVisibleChanged event causes a crash (potential memory leak) (sfernandez)
0001543: [C++ SDK] Home and End keys not working properly in ListBox (sfernandez)
0001940: [C# SDK] IMultiValueConverter receives BaseComponent[] values when the control is hidden (sfernandez)
0002001: [Unity3D] PathGeometry not rendered correctly in Noesis (sfernandez)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-06-01
0001790: [C# SDK] Add Noessis Gui Binding generator to v3.0
0001679: [C# SDK] Request that the Dispatcher optionally take a DispatcherPriority parameter (sfernandez)
0001704: [C# SDK] Errors spam on NoesisGUI Shutdown (sfernandez)
0001948: [Unreal] CombinedGeometry and GeometryGroup missing implementation (sfernandez)
0001330: [Unity3D] Moving NoesisGUI inside a subfolder causes it to reinstall every time on run. (jsantos)
0001789: [C++ SDK] Font selection differs from WPF one (jsantos)
0001316: [Unity3D] OpacityMask doesn't support VisualBrush even when binding an existing element to Visual (sfernandez)
0001805: [C# SDK] Allow adjusting OffscreenSampleCount at any time (jsantos)
0001736: [C++ SDK] Crash when calling UpdateView (sfernandez)
0001110: [Unity3D] Support for DrawingBrush (sfernandez)
0001547: [C++ SDK] Support lighter-weight Drawing objects (sfernandez)
0001707: [C++ SDK] Feature request: Identify and notify the user about cyclic references (jsantos)
0001788: [C++ SDK] Emoji with zero width joiner (zwj) should render with a zero width space on fallback (jsantos)
0001724: [C# SDK] Implement WPF AutomationProperties AutomationID (sfernandez)
0001301: [C# SDK] Cache for GUI.LoadComponent(object, string) (sfernandez)
0001484: [C++ SDK] Implement Storyboard.Seek methods (sfernandez)
0001345: [Documentation] Add tutorial about Visual States (sfernandez)
0001641: [C++ SDK] Assert focusing the selected item in a ListBox via a Style trigger (sfernandez)
0001669: [Unity3D] Can't use NoesisView with Unity 2019.3.x + URP's Post Processing (jsantos)
0001681: [C# SDK] ImageBrush with reloaded texture (through RaiseTextureChanged) doesn't recalculate its viewport/viewbox properly (sfernandez)
0000916: [C++ SDK] Black lines between elements in Canvas (jsantos)
0001109: [C++ SDK] Custom cursor support (jsantos)
0001590: [C# SDK] Missing classes for Live-Charts porting (sfernandez)
0000856: [Unity3D] Icons are sometimes rendered incorrectly (jsantos)
0001616: [Unity3D] TextDecoration cannot be bound with a ValueConverter specified in the binding (sfernandez)
0001071: [C# SDK] Default resource provider on Android - Unable to load font (jsantos)
0001522: [Unity3D] Ellipse use too few Segments compared to Curved closed Path (jsantos)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-06-30
0001269: [C# SDK] Expose mip map LOD bias for texture sampling (jsantos)
0002045: [C# SDK] IsDoubleTapEnabled should inherit parent to child (sfernandez)
0000811: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - FocusManager is absent (sfernandez)
0001982: [Unity3D] FocusManager is missing (sfernandez)
0002041: [Unity3D] Create Blend project from existing Unity project (sfernandez)
0002042: [Unity3D] missing virtual keys (jsantos)
0002040: [C++ SDK] Add text selection helper controls for touch in TextBox (sfernandez)
0001338: [C++ SDK] cyclic reference when using child user control with DataContext binding on the Parent Control (sfernandez)
0001287: [C++ SDK] Circular dependency produces memory leaks (sfernandez)
0001153: [C++ SDK] Memory leak when using ContextMenuService.PlacementTarget (sfernandez)
0002039: [C++ SDK] Visual descendant bounds not correctly calculated when involves clipping (sfernandez)
0002009: [C# SDK] StyleTypedPropertyAttribute missing (sfernandez)
0001995: [Unity3D] Configurable Enter Play Mode results in missing XAMLs (jsantos)
0002003: [C# SDK] XmlnsDefinition and XmlnsPrefix missing (sfernandez)
0001829: [C++ SDK] Feature Request: Support FrameworkElement.FlowDirection (sfernandez)
0001822: [C++ SDK] Different objects when using resources defined inside a template element (sfernandez)
0002007: [C# SDK] TemplatePartAttribute missing (sfernandez)
0001041: [C++ SDK] Implement UIElement.LayoutUpdated event (sfernandez)
0002018: [Unity3D] Unity Editor crashes when using converter implementing both IValueConverter and IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
0002008: [C# SDK] FrameworkElement.OnApplyTemplate method missing or not virtual (sfernandez)
0002006: [C# SDK] Controls are missing virtual OnEvent methods (sfernandez)
0002004: [Unity3D] Container defining methods missing in ItemsControl (sfernandez)
0002012: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: DependencyProperty.Register lacks an overload for Validation (sfernandez)
0002013: [C# SDK] WPF Inconsistency: DependencyProperty.AddOwner is missing (sfernandez)
0002034: [C# SDK] Implement support for getting DPIs of View (sfernandez)
0002019: [Unreal] MediaElement texture gets black when trying to loop the video (sfernandez)
0001579: [Unity3D] Combining MarkupExtension and IValueConverter crashes Unity (sfernandez)
0001975: [C# SDK] Can't create MarkupExtension that implements IValueConverter (sfernandez)
0001411: [C# SDK] Implement WPF's CroppedBitmap and TransformedBitmap classes (sfernandez)
0001531: [Unity3D] Noesis Premultiply Alpha Texture Import Setting Ignored by Noesis (jsantos)
0002002: [C++ SDK] Implement RelativePanel (sfernandez)
0001601: [C++ SDK] Feature request : GridSplitter control (sfernandez)
0001990: [Unity3D] GridSplitter is missing (sfernandez)
0001980: [C++ SDK] ScrollViewer KeyUp / KeyDown event is not triggered by the xbox pad right thumbstick (sfernandez)
0001682: [Unity3D] OnGUI GC Allocations (jsantos)
0001827: [Unity3D] Noesis should be compatible with the Unity Package Manager (jsantos)
0001828: [Unity3D] Implement support for the new Unity Input System (jsantos)
0001783: [C# SDK] Routed event args missing constructors or wrong signature (sfernandez)
0001957: [C++ SDK] TemplateBinding generates assertion for assignable types (sfernandez)
0001777: [Unity3D] GeometryGroup doesn't work as expected (sfernandez)
0001894: [C# SDK] Inspector support for macOS (jsantos)
0001869: [C# SDK] Noesis internal cache management of resources prevents client modification (jsantos)
0001868: [C++ SDK] Implement Font differentiation when matching famiy names (jsantos)
0001849: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Apple TV (jsantos)
0001848: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Google Stadia (jsantos)
0000615: [C# SDK] Unsupported property "FlowDirection" (sfernandez)
0001280: [Unreal] StackPanel FlowDirection unsupported (sfernandez)
0001820: [C++ SDK] Implement Vulkan Renderer (jsantos)
0001611: [Unity3D] TemplateBinding Converter does not work (sfernandez)
0001754: [C# SDK] Databindings within triggers in a template element not functioning (sfernandez)
0001752: [C++ SDK] Can't assign property to abstract class 'Color' (sfernandez)
0001742: [C++ SDK] Make Symbols case sensitive to avoid some problems (jsantos)
0001819: [C++ SDK] Implement D3D12 renderer (jsantos)
0000342: [Unity3D] no practical multitouch interaction possible with most of the widgets (jsantos)
0001349: [C++ SDK] Improve Manipulations (jsantos)
0001569: [C++ SDK] Customizing UriConverter / XamlProvider (sfernandez)
0001613: [Unity3D] Expose OnRender (sfernandez)
0001865: [C++ SDK] Extend blending modes (jsantos)
0001989: [Unreal] TMap is not yet exposed in Unreal plugin as a dictionary and can't be used in bindings (hcpizzi)
0001966: [Unreal] Support for Unreal 5 (hcpizzi)
0001845: [C++ SDK] Add support for Apple silicon architecture (jsantos)
0001224: [Unity3D] Custom shader effects not supported (jsantos)
0001880: [C# SDK] Support for implementing custom RenderDevice in C# (sfernandez)
0001863: [C++ SDK] New Tessellator (jsantos)
0001847: [C++ SDK] Implement support for Xbox Series X|S (jsantos)
0001846: [C++ SDK] Implement support for PlayStation 5 (jsantos)
0001457: [C# SDK] Shift + mouse wheel = horizontal scroll (sfernandez)
0001530: [C++ SDK] VS2019 support (jsantos)
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