Scheduled For Release 2020-10-09
0001814: [Unity3D] Crash closing Unity after compiling scripts while playing (jsantos)
0001811: [Unity3D] using Render texture mode with HDRP causes render overlap in viewport an rewrite in other render textures (jsantos)
0001812: [Unity3D] MultiBinding with converter in DataTrigger crashes Unity (sfernandez)
0001808: [C# SDK] Difference from WPF - TextBox TextChanged signature (sfernandez)
0001802: [Unity3D] Changes made to ApplicationResources or its dictionary are not notified to the tree (sfernandez)
0001686: [C# SDK] Antialiasing doesn't work when element has DropShadowEffect (sfernandez)
0001415: [C++ SDK] Drawing Path takes a very long time when the pitch is less than 0.5 pixel (jsantos)
0001736: [C++ SDK] Crash when calling UpdateView (sfernandez)
0001806: [Unity3D] Crashing when entering play or updating XAMLs (sfernandez)
0001809: [C++ SDK] Selector doesn't synchonise selected index correctly (sfernandez)
0001813: [C++ SDK] Use of deprecated texture2D() in OpenGL 3.1+ shaders (jsantos)
0001798: [C++ SDK] Memory leak when using ContextMenuService.PlacementTarget (sfernandez)
0001810: [C++ SDK] BringIntoView ignores target rectangle (sfernandez)
0001807: [C++ SDK] PS4 Compile error in 3.0.6 (jsantos)
0001801: [C++ SDK] GUI stretching/shrinking when mouse over certain gui elements after window resize (sfernandez)
0001648: [Unity3D] Possible to delete items by right clicking while dragging in inventory example (sfernandez)
0001803: [C++ SDK] Implement support for setting the global culture (jsantos)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0001790: [C# SDK] Add Noessis Gui Binding generator to v3.0
0001679: [C# SDK] Request that the Dispatcher optionally take a DispatcherPriority parameter (sfernandez)
0001704: [C# SDK] Errors spam on NoesisGUI Shutdown (sfernandez)
0001349: [C++ SDK] Improve Manipulations (jsantos)
0001805: [C# SDK] Allow adjusting OffscreenSampleCount at any time (jsantos)
0001110: [Unity3D] Support for DrawingBrush (sfernandez)
0001547: [C++ SDK] Support lighter-weight Drawing objects (sfernandez)
0001707: [C++ SDK] Feature request: Identify and notify the user about cyclic references (jsantos)
0001682: [Unity3D] OnGUI GC Allocations (jsantos)
0001789: [C++ SDK] Font selection differs from WPF one (jsantos)
0001788: [C++ SDK] Emoji with zero width joiner (zwj) should render with a zero width space on fallback (jsantos)
0001724: [C# SDK] Implement WPF AutomationProperties AutomationID (sfernandez)
0001301: [C# SDK] Cache for GUI.LoadComponent(object, string) (sfernandez)
0001484: [C++ SDK] Implement Storyboard.Seek methods (sfernandez)
0001543: [C++ SDK] Home and End keys not working properly in ListBox (sfernandez)
0001345: [Documentation] Add tutorial about Visual States (sfernandez)
0001641: [C++ SDK] Assert focusing the selected item in a ListBox via a Style trigger (sfernandez)
0001669: [Unity3D] Can't use NoesisView with Unity 2019.3.x + URP's Post Processing (jsantos)
0001681: [C# SDK] ImageBrush with reloaded texture (through RaiseTextureChanged) doesn't recalculate its viewport/viewbox properly (sfernandez)
0001330: [Unity3D] Moving NoesisGUI inside a subfolder causes it to reinstall every time on run. (jsantos)
0000916: [C++ SDK] Black lines between elements in Canvas (jsantos)
0001109: [C++ SDK] Custom cursor support (jsantos)
0001590: [C# SDK] Missing classes for Live-Charts porting (sfernandez)
0001224: [Unity3D] Custom shader effects not supported (jsantos)
0000856: [Unity3D] Icons are sometimes rendered incorrectly (jsantos)
0001616: [Unity3D] TextDecoration cannot be bound with a ValueConverter specified in the binding (sfernandez)
0001071: [C# SDK] Default resource provider on Android - Unable to load font (jsantos)
0001291: [C# SDK] Textures rendering issues (unexplainable seams) (jsantos)
0001269: [C# SDK] Expose mip map LOD bias for texture sampling (jsantos)
0001522: [Unity3D] Ellipse use too few Segments compared to Curved closed Path (jsantos)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-01-09
0001280: [Unreal] StackPanel FlowDirection unsupported (sfernandez)
0001783: [C# SDK] Routed event args missing constructors or wrong signature (sfernandez)
0001611: [Unity3D] TemplateBinding Converter does not work (sfernandez)
0001777: [Unity3D] GeometryGroup doesn't work as expected (sfernandez)
0001754: [C# SDK] Databindings within triggers in a template element not functioning (sfernandez)
0001752: [C++ SDK] Can't assign property to abstract class 'Color' (sfernandez)
0001742: [C++ SDK] Make Symbols case sensitive to avoid some problems (jsantos)
0001457: [C# SDK] Shift + mouse wheel = horizontal scroll (sfernandez)
0001530: [C++ SDK] VS2019 support (jsantos)
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