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A couple of issues

13 Aug 2013, 04:32

After attaching the Noesis GUIPanel script to my main camera it messes up the Scene and game view. See screenshot below. What did I do wrong?

I bought and installed the unity asset, do I need the SDK? All documentation refers to using the SDK but where do I get it? I see post here with link, but I'm not authorized to download it, I try to send PM to admin with order #, but I can't send PM's with a new forum account...

I've never used XAML, but downloading Kaxaml, creating a new file inside my unity project and, attaching guipanel to camera and dragging my xaml file in it I was up and running after 5 minutes with some basic labels added... I think I will love this product once I get that issue in the screenshot below sorted.

Using unity 4.2 on Win8.
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Re: A couple of issues

13 Aug 2013, 12:36

First of all, thanks for your purchase :)

The behaviour you are describing is a bug we have solved in our current development iteration, and will be available in the next update coming the following week in the Asset Store. Just to confirm that, I'm going to contact you in private to do some further tests.

The SDK links that are broken in the available documentation, and it is something we are also trying to fix in the following update. SDK download is only available now for those customers who bought a license through our web.

For better knowledge of XAML features I will recommend first following all our tutorials (they begin with very basic concepts). You can also take a look at MSDN XAML Overview. And a good book about WPF and XAML: WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan.

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