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XAML Player in the Trial?

14 Aug 2013, 10:04

Hi, i'm currently checking out your trial, the video tutorial and documentation say that the first step is to open the XAMLPlayer in the /bin folder. But after installing the unity package there is no bin folder?

Where exactly should i be able to find this?
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Re: XAML Player in the Trial?

14 Aug 2013, 10:27


The documentation for the native SDK and unitypackage is for now the same. This is confusing and we are trying to solve it for future releases.

About the XamlPlayer, our idea was having it integrated inside the Unity editor, but we still don't know how to do it (XamlPlayer is native). As an intermediate solution we are evaluating if including the executable inside the .unitypackage to be launched outside unity.

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