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Issue Tracker feedback

24 Jun 2017, 11:18


I've reported several issues so far in the tracker.
However, even when I set an issue's visibility to public, it's completely private (viewable only by the Noesis team and me).

While I understand that privacy is important and some reports may contain sensitive data, that's why the visibility option exists.
As a customer, I'd like to be able to see all public bugs to see if one I'm about to report already exists.
It has several benefits: for Noesis, there are less issue duplication and management. For me, I can easily monitor an existing bug, view relevant comments and progress on the issue, add more information if needed, etc.

For those reasons, I think it would help to open up the tracker to the public.

My two cents
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Re: Issue Tracker feedback

24 Jun 2017, 11:23

Agree. A few months ago I asked NoesisGUI team for same.
It seems there are a lot of existing tickets containing private/sensitive information (such as download links on debug builds). But I hope that it's at least it's possible to configure the bugtracker to make new public tickets to be visible to everyone.
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Re: Issue Tracker feedback

26 Jun 2017, 19:34

Yes, this is something we are going to change. It implies a very tedious manual job in the database so we don't know yet when it will happen, but it will. : )

Thanks for your feedback!

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