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3d editor

03 Apr 2018, 01:07

Hello, i am new to noesis gui, i was thiking about the possibility to create a 3d editor using noesis gui, i am going to need a layout made of panel which contain components and a rendering view, sorry for the stupid question but is it possibile to create a layout like , for example, blend or unity ?
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Re: 3d editor

03 Apr 2018, 08:38

Yes, of course it can be done. Noesis can be used for in-game UIs and also for desktop tools. We have many clients following both approaches.
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Re: 3d editor

16 Oct 2021, 00:46

Well, when I joined, I didn't even think that it could be used to create a 3D editor. It's great as I have a project where I could use its features for 3D. I'm working on a new mobile game, and I hope it will be an excellent project for me and the gamers. I've already got all the plans and even a game presentation for the investors and for the trailer. I've even used and its 3D frames to create a proper representation for smartphones. It's something related to league of legends, and I hope you're going to like it.

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