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New Leadwerks Integration Required

24 Apr 2018, 11:39

Hey, Everyone.
I am a Leadwerks user and i am going to use NoesisGUI in my game project. I know you have a wrapper here https://github.com/FourthQuarter/NoesisLeadwerksWrapper. i tried to follow the Integration instructions but i was not able to compile the project since NoesisLeadwerksWrapper was outdated and APIs of NoesisGUI and Leadwerks has been changed a lot. Is there anyone willing to update the NoesisLeadwerksWrapper project so that we can use it in the current version of Leadwerks? Or just tell me HOW to make an integration of NoesisGUI?
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Re: New Leadwerks Integration Required

24 Apr 2018, 13:19

Updating the integration should be easy if you read our Integration Tutorial and C++ Architecture Guide.

Please let us know if you any doubt.

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