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Problem with MonoGame and NoesisGUI

05 Jun 2018, 23:19

Hello guys, I'm developing an game using MonoGame and I chose to use Noesis for the UI however, I am having a little problem getting the login sample to work. I am using the MVVM architectural pattern and the sample login menu. The window loads but I cannot get any validation text to display when I click the button, I have attached both the XAML code as well as the ViewModel below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Problem with MonoGame and NoesisGUI

11 Jun 2018, 11:16


Are you able to see the intro animation, the one that scales the dialog from the top-right corner?
Maybe you have a problem on how you pass the time to the View.Update function (it should be the time in seconds since the application starts).
Because the validation text is also faded-in and out and you are probably missing the frames where the text is visible.

Are the other bindings correctly connected to the ViewModel and updating the properties?

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