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How to set data to a Path

05 Apr 2020, 15:13

How can I set Data to a path
I'm looking at this post

But for me 'Path' does not contain a definition for 'SetData'.
What am I missing ?

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Re: How to set data to a Path

06 Apr 2020, 10:22

Hi, our API has evolved a lot since that post, making it more compatible with WPF. Now you can set the Data geometry as a property:
Path arc = new Path;

StreamGeometry geometry = new StreamGeometry();
using (StreamGeometryContext context = geom.Open())
    context.BeginFigure(startPoint, false, false);
    context.ArcTo(enPoint, arcSize, rotationAngle, isLargeArc, SweepDirection.Clockwise, false, false);

arc.Data = geometry;

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