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Widget3D left mouse button suddenly no longer changes the view / camera position in Play Mode - SOLVED

21 Jul 2020, 12:04

A few days ago when I ran Widget3D inside the Unity IDE I was able to change the view position in Widget3D (Unity version) by dragging the Left Mousebutton.
Please see the attached screen shot which shows that I changed the view position using Left Mouse drag in Play Mode.

Now today suddenly it does not let me change the view position anymore.
The default view position of the Widget3D Unity Sample is a straight face on view (not very interesting as 3D demo).
I was able to change the view to be looking from a side angle so it is a much more interesting 3D view.

Today, I can still use the left mouse button to click the light switches on and off BUT NO CHANGING THE VIEW POSITION,
Also the tab key seems to work, moving focus to the next control.
Is it some corruption that might have happened when I changed the build target to Android because I was testing it on Android last week.
On Android I saw that none of the keyboard keys seemed to work and I also could not change the view position with the Left Mouse button anymore.

It behaves as if the FPSController is deactivated.
I also notice that it does not have the 'Display 1' message now but it does in my snapshot.
Any ideas what is wrong?

UPDATE: I found the solution here:
https://answers.unity.com/questions/110 ... build.html <=== THIS FIXED the FIRST PERSON CONTROLLER FOR ME: Set Mobile Input to "Disable"
See the attached screen shot showing Mobile Input set to "Disable". Switching the Build to Android may have Enabled Mobile Input, which is not the correct setting for this app.
The "Disable" setting makes moving the View Position via various keyboard keys work in the Scene Editor and on the Android Tablet using a $1 Bluetooth keyboard from a Dollar Store.
The cursor keys as well as A, D, W, S and space bar, Enter key and tab key work together as expected to control the View and switches,
and tab key onto the sliders then allows home, end, pg up and pg down to control the sliders.
FPSControllerFix-Mobile_Input-Disable.jpg (21.95 KiB) Viewed 713 times

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Re: Widget3D left mouse button suddenly no longer changes the view / camera position in Play Mode - SOLVED

22 Jul 2020, 16:35

Thanks for updating your post with the solution!

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