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Crash when running Unity through Debugger

23 Oct 2013, 01:27

I'm getting a crash when I run Unity from the MonoDevelop debugger if a NoesisGUIPanel component exists in the scene. This makes it impossible to debug any code in a scene with a Noesis UI.

Currently running:
* Unity 4.2.2f1
* Mac OSX 10.8.5

Occurs with projects using the following NoesisGUI versions:
* NoesisGUI-
* NoesisGUI-

Steps to repro:
1) Open some Unity project that has Noesis package installed and create a scene with NoesisGUIPanel on the MainCamera.
2) Unity->Assets->Sync MonoDevelop Project - this will open MonoDevelop
3) Close Unity
4) MonoDevelop->Build->BuildAll
5) MonoDevelop->Run->Debug
6) When Unity runs, open the scene with the panel. Hit Play. Crash is almost immediate. Does not crash if the NoesisGUI components have been deleted from the scene.

I'm sort of new to debugging code on Unity so I'm not sure how official Unity debugging is supposed to work, but this process has worked up to this point, and hasn't resulted in a crash until Noesis was added.


Killing 'adb.exe' prevents the issue from occurring.
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Re: Crash when running Unity through Debugger

24 Oct 2013, 03:54

are you able to repro this? viewtopic.php?f=3&t=92

We are yet not sure why this is happening but it is probably a problem on the Unity side.

Anyway, this could be a different problem. Could you please report a but about this?


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