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Access violation in second Noesis.GUI.Init() call

27 Jul 2021, 12:11


I have run into a problem with Noesis' initialization. When I call Noesis.GUI.Init() the second time in a Init() -> Shutdown() -> Init() sequence I get an access violation exception. I see that in Version 2.0.0rc1 multiple initializations for Noesis.GUI.Init() have been implemented, but it seems like this doesn't work with the shutdown call inbetween the inits. Is there something I can do to get the second init to work in this case?
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Re: Access violation in second Noesis.GUI.Init() call

02 Aug 2021, 13:37

Hello, which version are you using?
I recommend you upgrade to the latest version in our downloads page.

Why do you need to shut down Noesis and initialize it again? Our library is designed to be initialized once at start of the application and shut down when exiting. In fact, calling Init() after Shutdown() is ignored in our latest version.

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