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Congratulations on the release of 3.1! (Noesis appreciation thread)

28 Jul 2021, 17:18

I just wanted to say congratulations to the Noesis team on the release on 3.1. It is a significant step forward in terms of features and performance, and really puts NoesisGUI up there as one of the best UI libraries available.

On top of that the team have been so supportive, quickly responding to issues and helping us leverage Noesis and WPF to it's full potential.

If you haven't used Noesis yet, or are evaluating it, I highly recommend you give it a shot. We've been using it now on for two years, with a team of UI developers, and it has been an excellent experience. The UI for our mobile game is now more performant (less memory, faster rendering), and easier to mantain and extend, than when using other common UI systems (in Unity, in our case).

I'd love to hear from others who have experience with Noesis.

If you have any questions for someone who has used Noesis for years, and whom will give an honest response, I'd be happy to answer.

Mark Aherne
CTO, WarDucks Limited (warducks.com)
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Re: Congratulations on the release of 3.1! (Noesis appreciation thread)

30 Jul 2021, 01:13

I wholeheartedly agree! Congratulations, guys!
We're using NoesisGUI since establishing our studio in 2013. With every year it's getting only better, incredibly exceeding the performance, visual quality (vector rasterization, fonts/texts, antialiasing, rendering overall), and features/API of WPF. It's also a very stable library now as we very rarely receive any crash reports related to NoesisGUI lately, even when our last game made it to the top of new releases in Steam. Seeing many new and exciting projects and even some AAA companies (Larian! Riot, Ninja Theory, Sumo Digital) adopting NoesisGUI, I believe we're going to see even more improvements soon. More companies than ever are contributing to NoesisGUI now—with valuable feedback and, hopefully, a very well-deserved revenue!

Vladimir Kozlov aka @ai_enabled
AtomicTorch Studio
AtomicTorch Studio Pte. Ltd. http://atomictorch.com

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