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Converting existing app

16 Dec 2013, 20:53

We have a large Silverlight application that is heavily invested in MVVM and WCF. At a XAML user group, I saw a brief demo of Noesis, and began to wonder if it might be the tool to let us take our app cross-platform while preserving most of our XAML and C# view model code, rather than the HTML/JS conversion currently on our executive's planning board.

Is it possible to take convert a Silverlight project to Noesis and re-use the client side C# code? Has anyone tried (or accomplished) such a feat? Can anyone suggest a high-level outline of the steps needed to perform such a conversion?

Has anyone tried Noesis with any of the 3rd-party frameworks (we currently use Telerik)?

Thank you in advance for your time and advice.
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Re: Converting existing app

17 Dec 2013, 16:32


I understand the trouble of going back from Silverlight to HTML/JS. HTML is so limited once you have started to use XAML... :)

For now, noesisGUI can be used in two different contexts:
  • A native SDK with a C++ API
  • A plugin for Unity with a managed (mono) API, very similar to WPF
This means that we already have the mono bindings and could be used with the native SDK. We have several customers that are interested in this path, in fact we gave them the source code of our bindings (that in fact, are included in our trial of Unity). It is in our roadmap to offer this officially, please contact us in private to know more about the status.

Regarding 3rd-party frameworks (like Telerik) we have plans to start conversations with these companies about porting their controls to noesisGUI. But for now, all our effort are concentrated in fixing bugs and problems in noesisGUI.

What Telerik controls are you using?


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