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Real 3D rendering of flat?

12 May 2014, 17:31

just a short question - using the silverlight transformation features lets me do 3d transformations, although they are fake. A hierarchical layout renders the deeper layer as a 2d layer on the upper layer, destroying real 3d effects, like hovering elements. Is this the same when rendered in Noesis GUI or does it provide real 3d transformations? And if so, do they affect the z-buffer, thus the nVision glasses can render them perspectively correct?
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Re: Real 3D rendering of flat?

12 May 2014, 18:28

Our 3D transformations are real in the sense that we send the perspective info to the GPU. Perspective correction is applied correctly to textures as you can see. Although we don't affect the ZBuffer, we follow the hierarchy defined by the Visual Tree.

This is something we could improve in the future. For now nobody demanded it.

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