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Best practice for touch gestures implementation in Unity?

23 May 2014, 15:12


In my Unity app I want to implement iOS-style list of items where user may use 'swipe left' gesture to delete an item. Also I want to implement swipe gestures on other screens to switch/navigate between them (e.g. 'swipe right' to go back to the previous screen); tap and hold to display a context menu (like on Android and Windows Phone), etc.

What is the best practice to do that? Can you provide any examples to give me an idea?

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Re: Best practice for touch gestures implementation in Unity

25 May 2014, 18:49

For now, the only high level API we have for touching event are the manipulations as described in the Touch Tutorial.

It is relatively easy adding events like Swipe, Tap... using that API. Have you read that tutorial?

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