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Oculus Rift

25 May 2014, 11:25

Hello again.

Just wanted to ask around about Oculus Rift support for NoesisGUI. Does it work?
Just did a test project that didn't work out too well, and wanted to check if there was support or not before I continued work on it.
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Re: Oculus Rift

25 May 2014, 18:52

The current status about Oculus is: yet not tried.

What problems did you find in your test project? We generate proper z information, in theory it should work.
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Re: Oculus Rift

29 May 2014, 16:53

The best solution to have a working HUD with Oculus Rift and NoesisGUI would be to embed the HUD in the 3D scene, as a child to your character node if you want it to move with it.

Then to use Oculus Rift, you'll have two camera, one for each eye that will be used to render the 3D scene at each frame (plus the shader coming from OculusVR to enable distortion and get a proper vision in the rift).

If your HUD is a true part of the 3D scene, it will render very well without any trouble.
The only few things to respect are the following (well, in fact, the main thing), in the Oculus guidelines is that the HUD should be at least at 50cm from the "eyes".

If it gets too close, then you will see it twice (as for real object too near from the eyes).

I plan of using OculusRift and NoesisGUI together once I get to have it running in the Unreal Engine 4 and I am sure that it will work out great ! :D

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