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How to Set z-index

05 Nov 2014, 10:57

Hi all,
how is that possible ? setting z-index property programatically v1.1.12
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Re: How to Set z-index

05 Nov 2014, 15:18

I just set the order of my xaml-files in the container like this:
var loaded = NoesisGUISystem.LoadXaml<T>(_xmlPath);
Panel.SetZIndex(loaded as DependencyObject, _zIndex);
The explanation I found here:

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/wpfsdk/archive/ ... perty.aspx
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Re: How to Set z-index

06 Nov 2014, 23:06

Thanks @Frodo for the link, it explains very well how Z-Index works and should be used.

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