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Integration with Cocos2d-x

23 Jan 2015, 14:05

Some history... I last worked in games back in the late 90's when everything was still rather hard to do ;-)

I'm back now and working on some mobile projects.

One area that seems to be as bad now as it was then is GUI design and implementation. That is, until I found Noesis.

So here's my dream list, and it seems that noesis is very close.
  • – Cross platform (I mostly care about Android and iOS at present but might care about others in the future
  • – Vector based... For the love of god use vectors. I know it can be a performance hit for bleeding edge, using every last cycle kind of games. But for the rest of us, save yourself a metric sh*t ton of aggravation with different device resolutions (not to mention save a bunch of bloat) and use vectors
  • – Give me a front end an artist can use. Seems like Noesis has this covered.
  • – Give me a codebase from this century that isn't going to make a grown engineer cry (looking at you, Scaleform).
  • – Give me a price-point that doesn't make a grown manager cry (gosh, hello again Scaleform, fancy seeing you here...)
  • – Let me integrate with the engine of my choice, currently that's Cocos2d-x.
So the crux of my question is: has anyone had any luck integrating Noesis with Cocos2d-x? Any ideas on the feasibility?

Much appreciate anything anyone cares to share...

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Re: Integration with Cocos2d-x

26 Jan 2015, 11:42

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your good comments about NoesisGUI. As far as I know, nobody tried the Cocos2D integration. As soon as it works with OpenGL ES (as it seems) I think there shouldn't be any problem at all.

I am contacting you in private.
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Re: Integration with Cocos2d-x

27 Jan 2015, 05:25


It seems doable in principle as Cocos2d-x is built on OpenGL ES. But then it's a bad idea to listen to the non-engineer in the room.

We'll dig in and let you know what we figure out.

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