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Rogue System

24 Feb 2015, 17:55

Hi all,

Sorry it's taken so long to post something up. Just wanted to introduce you all to Rogue System, a hard-core space combat sim featuring the same ship system fidelity that you'd find in titles like DCS and Falcon 4.

Rogue System’s goal is to bring the classic space-combat sims into the modern era of gaming at a never-before-attempted level of control. It blends the capabilities and usability of modern games with the detail and fidelity of hardcore combat flight-sims. With a simulated science fiction setting, richly deep spaceship management, and intense combat, Rogue System satisfies both the casual gamer and the hardcore “simmer.”

Rogue System’s Core Module (CM) will be a complete campaign-driven sim on its own. It utilizes both dynamic as well as scripted missions to allow for greater replayability while telling an intriguing story.

Finally, Rogue System is fully moddable, allowing both DCI as well as the sim’s community to add new ships, missions, and even campaigns.

Later, Extension Modules (EM) will add even more gameplay. The first EM will be the addition of open-ended trading and exploring. Other modules will include enhanced FPS gameplay with breaching actions, multi-player, and the ability for multi-crewed capital ship command.

--Single-Player Campaign: Dynamic missions based on current military and civilian assets. Performance alters key scripted missions that advance the story.
--Multiple Roles: Fly as either an interceptor or strike-fighter pilot. Both squadrons fly together each mission, performing unique tasks to achieve a common objective.
--Study Sim-like Gameplay: Detailed simulation of ship systems, dependencies and damage.
--You’re in Command: Full control of your ship and its systems from pre-flight to post.
--Fly it Your Way: Your Ship’s On-board Intelligence (SOI) can be optioned to take over low-level system functions for a lighter sim experience.
--Between Mission Gameplay: Freely move within your Orbital Station in FPS mode.
--Various Head-tracking Support: 6 DOF TrackIR support. Planned Oculus Rift VR support.

RogSys website: http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/
RogSys forums: http://www.roguesystemsim.com/VForums/discussions
Latest Milestone Review Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bciaD5cIImc

Noesis is being used for front and back-end UI, ship instrumentation, HUD displays, etc. Here's the latest WIP screenshot showing Caution & Warning indicator integration (using Noesis to drive the indicator states, and rendering to texture for display in 3D): http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/wp-co ... 223151.jpg


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