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16 Apr 2013, 23:29

I've been having some trouble getting the tutorial to work in terms of building resources with the Resource.buildtool. Specifically, I was following Tutorial 5: Building an Application and creating the RSSReader. I created the RssReader and App files in the Data/Packages/MyApp/RssReader directory, as instructed.

However, when I tried to build it with the tool, it complained about a missing style resource. I added Samples/Tests since that seemed to remove that particular issue. But I continued to get complaints about the Resource Gui/Core/Roboto.font being missing.

I then tried to comment out the usage of the style file from the App.xaml. But I still continued to get the Resource not found error. It's unclear to me where I can find Gui/Core, or even what might be requiring it, although I do see the Roboto.font in the Tests directory.

Some assistance with sorting this out would be appreciated. An already setup directory with these working already would be very useful.

As a general suggestion for the samples too, it'd be nice to have the xaml build files, and not just the compiled versions so that we can start by tweaking those from a working version.
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Re: Tutorial

17 Apr 2013, 21:34

Actually, after mucking around with this a bit more, I discovered that I needed to replace my bin/Data folder with that from the SDK-- after doing that, this issues seemed to vanish.

I'm guessing this happened because I upgraded to 0.98.
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Re: Tutorial

17 Apr 2013, 22:19


We were going to ask for the package that is giving you problems because we were unable to understand how adding the package Samples/Tests solved the problem.

Yes, for upgrading we recommend overwriting all the data, and doing a "data rebuild"l with each new version of NoesisGUI . Meanwhile the product is in beta we are not providing backward compatibility between resources. Will be added with the stable version. Anyway, the upgrading process should be improved because more people is having problems.

About providing samples to start playing with modifications, the package Gui/Samples comes with lots of examples. Although you are right, and we should provide the examples that are mentioned in the tutorials to avoid confusions.

Thanks for all your feedback.

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