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Sample MVC/MVVM Project with multiple Xaml

22 Sep 2015, 00:38


I'm new to noesis and just started to try it out with my trial (arg 20 day left may be short).

Until now: it's great.

As there is very few tutorial, I was wondering if you have somewhere a sample project showcasing a real case scenario of a unity gamescene with:
  • multiple UI (xaml/cs kind-of-behind)
  • Any data driven patern (mvc/mvvm)
This would help me avoiding any well-known neosis beginners pitfalls.

For the side info and context: I'm working on a UI intensive economy management game (; Most of my gameplay is on a unique Unity Scene but I have to switch between many UI using a lot of differents data.
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Re: Sample MVC/MVVM Project with multiple Xaml

22 Sep 2015, 19:54


I think the best sample we have that handles these topics is the Game Menu demo: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=478

Take a look and let me know if you need help with any particular question.

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