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Is there any BitmapEffect Alternative?

28 Nov 2016, 05:06


I try to do some animation effect when user mouseOver/focus a button. In WPF, there is BitmapEffect which can be used to make some blur or outerGlow on button. But in Noesis, when using BitmapEffect, I got some error:
Ignoring unsupported property 'BitmapEffect' setting Setter.Property (@24,10)
So is there any alternative Without BitmapEffects to implement some virtual effect on button or other control?
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Re: Is there any BitmapEffect Alternative?

28 Nov 2016, 13:02

Custom effects are not supported. We have plans to support them (but not in v1.3.0, may be 1.3.X) though.

The only alternative right now is rendering to texture, applying the effect yourself in a shader and using the resulting texture in the XAML.

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