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[Unity] Custom blending modes aka shaders.

13 Dec 2016, 10:35

Do you have any plans to support custom shaders or is it already possible to use custom shaders in Unity version of Noesis?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: [Unity] Custom blending modes aka shaders.

13 Dec 2016, 17:06

Yes, custom effects using shaders are planned to be implemented. The first thing we have in mind is exposing that extensibility through the RenderDevice, the class you use to implement your own renderer in C++. But that is not enough for integrations like Unity where the natural way would be using native unity shaders. We are not sure about how to solve this yet. Ideally we should support a callback or something like that. In that callback the client is in charge of rendering using whatever shader is needed.

For now, the only alternative is doing this manually: filling a render target with a XAML and using it as a texture in a different XAML. Yes, I know, not a very flexible option...

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