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0001364NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2020-01-14 01:17
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Product Version2.2.0 
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Summary0001364: Support for MultiBinding and IMultiValueConverter
DescriptionMultiBindings and IMultiValueConverter implementations are often used in views to combine data from models or react to multiple changes in the models to update the view accordingly. This keeps the original data models clean, i.e. no extra properties are needed in the model for this specific view. Having support for this in Noesis would help tremendously.
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duplicate of 0000791 resolvedsfernandez IMultiValueConverter is missing 




2019-01-25 14:21

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Would love to see MultiBindings support as NoesisGUI is now much smarter regarding the text formatting - support for Binding StringFormat was added recently and we're trying to use it actively but the problem is - we often have more than a single binding and so we must use multibinding:

        <MultiBinding StringFormat="Quest: {0} ({1})">
            <Binding Path="Title" />
            <Binding Path="Category" />

It will also allow scenarios when visibility is defined by multiple parameters (when all visible - the element should be visible) - currently, as a workaround, we have to use nesting of content controls with each control binding its visibility to a single property.



2019-01-28 22:49

reporter   ~0005424

Only after I had created a nice solution for my problem with MultiBinding and IMultiValueConverter, I remembered that this way is not supported yet. It's sad.

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