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0001440NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2019-08-08 17:56
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Summary0001440: EASTL Version
DescriptionHi guys, is there any plans to update the EASTL version to the official Github repository. It looks like version 2.0 is being used from the old unofficial source code which came from the original ZIP released in 2010, the newer 3.0 version is now completely open source officially maintained by EA now:

Only reason I'm asking is I tried to use the Visual Studio debug visualisers (, but they're written to work with 3.0 and don't work correctly with the types so it's making debugging the internal types a bit more tricky than it should be.


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2019-04-05 21:21

manager   ~0005601

Yes, we have plans for this. We are going to deprecate EASTL in favor of our custom containers. EASTL is huge for us, we want something smaller to improve compiling times and performance. And yes, we will provide a natvis configuration for this new implementation.

This is something we are already working on. Thanks for the feedback!


2019-08-08 17:23

manager   ~0005918

Just an update about this. The branch without EASTL, with new containers, with proper .natvis and huge memory improvements is almost ready to be integrated into trunk.


2019-08-08 17:41

reporter   ~0005919

That sounds awesome, good work.

One additional thing that might be worthwhile going in the .natvis is the ability to see the DependencyProperty values for a DependencyObject. Quite often in the debugger I want to output the values of the dependencyproperties. I have to keep writing getters and logging out the values. In managed C# I can just hover over the objects and the getters work great in the debugger. I don't know the best way to simulate it but it would be a massive help whilst debugging in C++.

Is it worth me opening a new ticket for this feature request?



2019-08-08 17:56

manager   ~0005920

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Awesome suggestion!

Yes, please open a new ticket for that. We were thinking about that, we need custom native visualizers because we need to execute code to evaluate DependencyProperties.

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