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0001523NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2019-07-27 04:27
Reporterai_enabledAssigned Tosfernandez 
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Product Version2.2.3 
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Summary0001523: Stopped on breakpoint in Noesis.dll release version
DescriptionHi guys.

That's it, the game crashed for us suddenly. I've opened the crash dump and turns out this is a simple breakpoint you've set. I'm surprised the release version DLL (which I've got from NuGet) have breakpoints!

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2019-07-24 18:34


Screenshot at 20-23-16.jpg (279,034 bytes)
CryoFall_Client.exe.6064.dmp.7z (4,012,760 bytes)


2019-07-26 00:43

manager   ~0005905

It is not a breakpoint (we don't have breakpoints in release). It is random memory filled with 'int3' (breakpoint instruction). @sfernandez it seems to be a BindingExpression whose source is corrupted (already deleted).

I assume this is not easy to reproduce, right?


2019-07-26 00:47

updater   ~0005906

Hmm that's interesting to hear :-) after working for decades with managed code I'm truly surprised with such error :-)
Ok good to hear breakpoints are stripped away.

Yes, this is an absolutely random issue and we never saw it again.


2019-07-27 04:27

reporter   ~0005908

Is filling memory with int3 a guard or mitigation against buffer overflows and unwanted code execution?

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