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0001807NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2020-10-14 17:57
ReporterstevehAssigned Tojsantos 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.6 
Target Version3.0.7Fixed in Version3.0.7 
Summary0001807: PS4 Compile error in 3.0.6
DescriptionHi guys,

Just upgrading from 3.0.0 -> 3.0.6 and found a compile error with our PS4 build. It's a simple fix, it's just a missing forward declare.

The error is in FormattedText.h:

void SetOwner(TextBlock* owner);

TextBlock is not forward declared. I simply added "class TextBlock" to the top of the file alongside all other forward declares and it fixed the error. Everything else compiled fine.


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