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0001890NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2021-05-04 02:40
ReporterHakPakAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.9 
Target Version3.0.13Fixed in Version 
Summary0001890: Seemingly random Crashes in editor and build
DescriptionAccording to the error.log, the crash is caused by an access violation.


0x00007FFD219897D6 (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_IsToggled_get
0x00007FFD21986D4D (Noesis) DragEventArgs_GetAllowedEffectsHelper
0x00007FFD219A0181 (Noesis) DataObjectEventArgs_CancelCommand
0x00007FFD2199FFA7 (Noesis) DataObjectEventArgs_CancelCommand
0x00007FFD21985DBA (Noesis) DragEventArgs_GetAllowedEffectsHelper
0x00007FFD21A08E93 (Noesis) TouchEventArgs_GetTouchDeviceId
0x00007FFD21A010A0 (Noesis) TouchEventArgs_GetTouchDeviceId
0x00007FFD21A06084 (Noesis) TouchEventArgs_GetTouchDeviceId
0x00007FFD21AEA844 (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_KeyStates_get
0x00007FFD21AB2E2D (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_KeyStates_get
0x00007FFD21AB3502 (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_KeyStates_get
0x00007FFD21AB1E5C (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_KeyStates_get
0x00007FFD21A062AE (Noesis) TouchEventArgs_GetTouchDeviceId
0x00007FFD21AEA844 (Noesis) KeyEventArgs_KeyStates_get
0x00007FFD21AF41B1 (Noesis) DataObjectEventArgs_IsDragDrop_get
0x00007FFD21AF3F8B (Noesis) DataObjectEventArgs_IsDragDrop_get
0x00007FFD21AF2610 (Noesis) ContentControl_Content_get
0x00007FFD21AF24FA (Noesis) ContentControl_Content_get
0x00000285A03C7FC3 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) Noesis.View:Noesis_View_Update (System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef,double)
Steps To ReproduceNothing specific, the crash seems to happen when my ViewModels update their data.
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2021-01-19 09:02


Crash_2021-01-19_074457198.rar (142,847 bytes)


2021-01-19 10:40

manager   ~0006960

Hello, as it seems this cannot be reproduced in a deterministic way and I need a bit more information to understand the scenario where this is happening, I've built a new debug library with some extra logs:

Could you please try this library in your project? I also need you to set Tools > NoesisGUI > Settings... > Log Verbosity = "Bindings".
Please send the dump and logs again when it crashes again.

Thanks for your help.


2021-01-19 12:12

reporter   ~0006961

Hello sfernandez, after including the library and changing the setting, the game crashes immediately after the unity splash screen, unity also crashed when I tried to play in editor.

Crash_2021-01-19_110826344.rar (89,890 bytes)


2021-01-20 18:25

manager   ~0006968

I've built a new library with more logs to narrow the source of the problem, could you please try again with Log Verbosity still set to "Bindings":


2021-01-20 19:24

reporter   ~0006969

With the new library the game was able to start again and the error did occur, albeit much later than usual.
I presume it has to be some difference in the timing, because the log verbosity caused a lot of slowdowns.

Crash_2021-01-20_180914970.rar (1,558,340 bytes)


2021-01-27 18:42

manager   ~0007002

Is it possible that you are changing the UI or the ViewModel bound to the UI from a different thread than Unity Main?
I say it because in the logs I see a message printed from the ThreadPoolWorkQueue: "Starting turn 65, it's shion isu komugi's turn.", and the crash is hard to explain without threading issues.

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