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0002445NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2023-03-27 12:14
Reporterpdx_hoda_ismail Assigned Tosfernandez  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1.5 
Target Version3.2 
Summary0002445: Implementation of handledEventsToo in AddHandler function
DescriptionWhile checking if there is a way to add the handledEventsToo in code, I found in the Microsoft documentation that they have two implementations of the AddHandler function as below:
AddHandler(RoutedEvent, Delegate)
AddHandler(RoutedEvent, Delegate, Boolean)

However, only the first function is implemented in Noesis, and I have to use the handledEventsToo property from the second function in my case. It'd be great if we can use the handledEventsToo in a way to avoid workarounds with lot of code.
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